Lane Departure Warning (LDW) System
Based on SenseTime’s deep learning technology, the LDW system uses monocular cameras to distinguish different types of lane lines in real time under various weather and lighting conditions. In addition, the LDW system also outputs the distance between the vehicle and the lane line, as well as the time that the vehicle will depart from the lane, sending out a warning signal in the event that the vehicle is on a projection path that will cause it to depart from the lane but the signal light has not been adjusted accordingly
Product Highlights
  • Adapts to various weather and lighting conditions such as rain, fog, glare, and darkness

    The accuracy of lane detection and measurement of the distance between the vehicle and the lane on both sides, down to the centimeter

  • Supports the recognition of many lane lines such as the solid line, dotted line, double line, combination line, and corner line; could identify white and yellow lane lines

    Accelerated high-efficiency FPGA heterogeneous deep learning platform, high performance, low power consumption

Usage Scenarios