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SenseTime Upgrades Shanghai HQ to Ensure Safe Return to Work


Shanghai – March 2, 2020 – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company, has upgraded its SenseOffice Platform at its Shanghai headquarters to protect the health of employees as they are returning to work after the extended Spring Festival holiday.

The AI-empowered SenseOffice Platform incorporates the newly developed temperature monitoring system, SenseThunder-E Thermal Detector, with SensePass Pro for access control and attendance management, in addition to other functionalities including visitor management, room reservation, smart printing, and smart locker storage.

To reduce the risk of cross-infection, all staff and visitors are required to wear masks and have their temperature checked before entering the office building. The SensePass Pro and the SenseThunder-E Thermal Detector take less than 0.3 seconds to take attendance, detect employees not wearing masks, and measure forehead temperature, with an accuracy of ±0.3℃, all at once. The system will send an alert to staff personnel in charge and keep the entrance gate closed when it identifies anyone with fever or not wearing a face mask. Along with the upgrade, SenseTime’s another type of ‘Smart AI Epidemic Prevention Platform,’ used to detect fever in public spaces, is also deployed at the lift lobby and common areas to keep track of employee body temperatures while on campus.

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Visitors who have pre-registered, may also gain access to the building directly through SensePass Pro and SenseThunder-E Thermal Detector. For visitors without advance registration, they can approach the reception desk for access application with the help of SenseID authentication service.

The SenseOffice Platform features computer vision technology to enable a ‘hands-free’ experience as much as possible. For example, lifts can identify SenseTime staff and grant them with access to all floors at all times, while visitors are limited to designated floor(s) within defined time frames. And only authorized staff can enter restricted areas in the building such as labs and server rooms.

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The smart conference room arrangement module offers both online booking and facial recognition check-in for employees. To better manage resources, the system will automatically release any meeting rooms that are not occupied within 15 minutes after the booking time. For printing services, after clicking ‘print’ from their computers, staff can log in a nearby printer simply via a face scan to get their printouts.

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In addition, both employees and visitors can register for the use of SenseDeposit, the new generation of AI deposit lockers with easy access via a simple face scan. This quick and secure way to store one’s belongings means no need for easily forgotten locker keys or passcodes.

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SenseTime also upgraded the facial recognition system at its canteen to simplify and speed up the overall process, so as to reduce gathering crowds and minimize infection risk.

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The upgraded SenseOffice Platform leverages SenseTime’s proprietary computer vision technology, to enable efficient and effective workspace management and create a smart and safe workplace.