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European Famous Hairdressing Brand
This brand is one of the three major hairdressing and cosmetic brands in the world today. It is sold in more than 80 countries around the world and is recognized and respected by many international professional hairstylists. It has more than 100 years of experience and is a leader in the field of professional hairdressing products. In addition to being committed to product research and development, it also provides personalized services and emphasizes the connection with designers and customers.
Customer pain point
The "gap between ideals and reality" presents an important problem for people who color their hair in pursuit of fashion. In cooperation with SenseTime, the 140-year-old European company provides its customers with an immersive AR hair-dyeing trial.
Cooperation plan
Using AI + AR and other SenseTime technologies, it can display the exact colors of hair dye for customers, and also reflect the multi-dimensional changes in the shine and texture of hair. The technology both resolves key pain points for consumers and helps them make quick purchase decisions, thus optimizing the shopping experience.
Customers can try different hair colors, virtually, via a web application, mainstream third-party platforms, and other online channels or an offline AR make-up mirror. The direct and accurate display of complete dyeing results on the screen allows customers to be more confident about their color choice. The AR hair-dyeing trial also supports before and after comparison so that customers can clearly see the difference.

At the same time, using SenseTime's AI technology, the product design staff only need to enter RGB color values to automatically generate AR hair-dyeing results with realistic textures and sheen, after which no subsequent coloring adjustment is required. This makes business operations more efficient and reduces the time to release new hair-dyeing products by 90%.