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SenseFoundry Enterprise Applications
Commercial Space Management

SenseFoundry-Enterprise enables customers to process the vast amount of information generated in various premises, including commercial complexes, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, expo centers and business parks through intelligent sensing, therefore better understanding the ever-changing needs of users, optimizing their business operations accordingly to improve the interactive experience of end-users.

Through spatial digitalization, we provide a visualized platform based on a virtual replica of the space for one-stop management of offices and retail units in commercial premises . SenseFoundry-Enterprise also enables personalized indoor navigation and digital personal assistants in banks and shopping malls. Furthermore, SenseFoundry-Enterprise supports smart security checks and ticketing in metro stations and amusement parks as well as providing AI-empowered office products and services.

Residential Property Management

The SenseFoundry-Enterprise Platform automates the full-cycle workflow from problem detection to problem solving, effectively shortening the overall service response time and creating value for customers.

SenseFoundry-Enterprise facilitates contactless and secured access control for residents and vehicles and provides real-time updates of available parking lots.

SenseFoundry-Enterprise supports detection of dangerous situations such as open fire or smoke, falling objects and assaults, as well as anomalous situations including garbage overfill and illegally parked vehicles, and can promptly alert the property management staff for actions, therefore maintaining a clean and orderly environment of community space.

Industrial Quality Control

Leveraging the mass production capabilities of our AI model supported by the SenseCore AI Infrastructure to produce various scenario-specific models for each type of defect with limited samples, SenseFoundry-Enterprise identifies defects with higher efficiency and accuracy.

Integrated with the key steps of quality control, SenseFoundry-Enterprise helps manufacturers avoid disruptions and prevent losses by detecting defects timely, improving the overall production efficiency.

Infrastructure Maintenance

SenseFoundry-Enterprise improves the efficiency and accuracy of inspection processes through empowering IoT devices installed around the target assets or on autonomous patrol devices, and helps our customers save maintenance costs through AI models, protect equipment from wear and tear caused by ineffective maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime.

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