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SenseAuto Cabin
Product Description

The SenseAuto Cabin Smart Cabin System comprises our driver monitoring system (DMS), occupant monitoring system (OMS) and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system, bringing smarter, safer and more comfortable in-vehicle experience for both drivers and passengers.

DMS: Our DMS capabilities include driver identity verification, drowsiness detection, distraction detection, absence detection and anomaly detection to enhance overall driving safety. Our DMS also provides critical support to the SenseAuto Pilot smart driving system as it facilitates the essential safety protection for L2+ autonomous driving. Our DMS has been deployed in various car models, catering to both premium and mass markets.

OMS: Our OMS detects unauthorized passengers and unattended objects in the cabin, and offers detection of infants/children, pets, lost items and safety seats, which enhances the safety of passengers. Our OMS for infant/children detection has been installed in mass-produced car models in 2020 as a pioneer in the Chinese market.

IVI: We have embedded our SenseMARS augmented reality technologies in our proprietary IVI system to provide innovative features including in-cabin augmented image quality, AR high-precision navigation and special effects for beauty cameras, smart albums and software agents assistance functions. For example, our IVI beauty camera for passengers has been installed in the mass-produced GAC Trumpchi in 2021, a pioneer in the Chinese market.

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