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SenseAuto Empower
Product Description

In the era of intelligent automobile, automobile companies have diverse demands for improving user experience. SenseAuto empowers automobile companies in enhancing products and technical capabilities mainly through the following aspects:

1, Improve and optimize the product designs of existing mass-produced smart auto products, including SenseAuto Cabin and SenseAuto Pilot.

2, Respond to customer demand for new features in the above product lines

3, Address potential extreme cases and long-tail problems that may occur during the mass production of intelligent automobiles, conducts rapid optimization and upgrading.

All empowered by the SenseAuto Empower Engine.

SenseAuto Empower is a customized in-vehicle version of SenseTime AI Infrastructure. With data-driven improvements on automobile AI technologies and continuous upgrade and utilization of AI technologies, we provide SenseAuto Empower as our customized in-house AI development engine for the automobile industry, through which we provide AI-as-a-Service.

With the iterative evolution and application of AI technology, as of June 30, 2021, SenseAuto Empower has accumulated more than 1,400 intelligent vehicle AI models, which can help automobile enterprises effectively develop AI automotive products, detect and identify long- tail problems, upgrade products, and quickly adapt to different vehicle chip platforms.

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