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SenseCare Liver
Product Description

SenseCare Liver supports multiphase imaging based on contrast-enhanced liver CT scans in detecting liver abnormalities including various focal lesions and diffused diseases. Meanwhile, by automatically generating a 3D reconstruction model of liver anatomical structures, it also serves as an intuitive and smart tool for clinicians for preoperative assessment and planning, thereby ensuring personalized treatment plans and better prognosis.

Product Highlights
  • Automatic Registration of Multiphase CT Images
    Automatically recognizes and registers multiphase images of liver contrast CT to help radiologists combine a variety of image features of different phases to make comprehensive and accurate diagnoses.
  • Intelligent Detection of Suspected Lesions
    Supports multiphase detection of multiple lesion types in different liver settings, such as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC), metastatic tumor, etc.
  • Multidimensional Quantitative Lesion Assessment
    Automatically predicts the degree of tumor risk, measures lesion volume, diameter, and density.
  • Automatic Analysis of Liver Structure
    Automatically evaluates liver structure and morphology for comprehensive liver abnormality analysis, such as volume of liver segments, right to left (R/L) hepatic lobe ratio, spleen-to-liver (S/L) ratio, etc.
  • High-precision 3D Reconstruction
    Automatically segments liver anatomical structures and automatically generates labels. Meanwhile, it generates 3D models that support users to dynamically and interactively view the liver structure, tumor location in 360-degree panorama, improving the efficiency and accuracy of preoperative evaluation and planning.
Usage Scenarios
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Department of Radiology, Department of Liver Surgery
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