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SenseAuto ADAS
Product Description

The SenseAuto Pilot Smart Driving System includes SenseAuto Pilot-V, a high-precision, low-cost mass-produced driving assistance system based on computer vision, SenseAuto Pilot-P, a multi-sensor fusion mass-produced smart driving product, and SenseAuto Pilot-L, a LiDAR sensing product.

The high-precision, low-cost driving assistance system SenseAuto Pilot-V, based on a wide-angle, 8 million Ultra HD mono-sensing camera, is able to identify a wide range of traffic signs and road features, detect vehicles up within 600 meters and pedestrians within 300 meters with stable performance. It is highly scalable and can be adapted to a wide range of mid to high-end and mass-market passenger car models, as well as a wide range of commercial vehicle models.

SenseAuto Pilot-P, a multi-sensor smart driving product integrating deep learning sensing, LiDAR sensing and mmWave sensing, offers more comprehensive intelligent driving capabilities, including lane centering, traffic congestion assistance, driver-directed lane changes, and high-speed pilot smart driving.

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