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Sauber Group of Companies
The Sauber Group of Companies is composed of two operational entities: Sauber Motorsport AG, which operates and manages the Alfa Romeo F1® Team; and Sauber Technologies AG, which focuses on third-party business in the areas of advanced engineering, prototype development and additive manufacturing, in addition to full and model-scale testing in the factory’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel and ground-breaking innovation in the field of aerodynamics.
Cooperation plan
SenseAuto Intelligent Vehicle Platform
● Optimize race strategies of Alfa Romeo F1® Team in real-time
● Quickly detect the issues and understand the root causes to improve race performance of Alfa Romeo F1® Team
● Improve race car design and operation of Alfa Romeo F1® Team based on data analysis

SenseTime AI offers many possibilities to improve a car’s performance, help drivers maximize their decision-making process and optimize racing strategy through reinforcement learning of optimal race strategies, speech transcription, anomaly detection in the race car’s sensor data, comprehensive competitor analysis and competitor database.

This partnership represents a perfect match that sees a shared passion for innovation, forward-thinking and a desire to pursue new frontiers.