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An International Metropolis
The City aimed to transform into a smart city.
We provide support to city administrators by offering our SenseFoundry together with mini AIDC through our AI-as-a-Service. With self-evolving capabilities, SenseFoundry is able to train AI models locally with the input of just a tiny amount of data, meeting the requirements of the local government. We developed 11 traffic management applications that are installed on SenseFoundry for City. SenseFoundry can fully utilize and analyze limited data generated by IoT devices installed on law enforcement cars and enable end-to-end traffic violation management, making mobile traffic law enforcement possible. SenseFoundry achieved detection of not wearing safety belts with a precision rate of 94% and a recall rate of 94%, and detection of using mobile phones while driving with a precision rate of 86% to 96% and a recall rate of 93% to 94%, along with child on-board safety, license plate recognition, broken headlight, inspection vehicle recognition, vehicle maker and model recognition. It has increased the safety awareness of drivers to abide by traffic regulations and improved overall traffic control efficiency by reducing the occurrence of severe accidents.
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