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SenseCare Cardiac
Product Description

SenseCare Cardiac system uses deep learning and medical image post-processing technology to automatically complete 3D segmentation and post-processing reconstruction of the coronary arteries. It helps doctors to quickly analyze plaques and stenoses in the coronary arteries, and supports the automatic generation of films and reports in multiple formats. It provides efficient and intelligent assistance for the entire process of coronary artery diagnosis and greatly improves the efficiency of diagnoses in the maging department.

Product Highlights
  • Fully-automatic Coronary Vessel Extraction and Naming
    Supports full automation of cardiac chamber segmentation, coronary artery segmentation, coronary artery centerline extraction, artery segments labelling, and high-precision 3D reconstruction without manual operation, greatly improving the efficiency of cardiac CTA post-processing and diagnosis.
  • Multidimensional Image Reconstruction Display
    Generates various 3D post-processing displays for multidimensional and precise coronary artery analysis, including multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), 3D volume rendering (VRT), curved planar reformation (CPR), straightened CPR, and probe mapping.
  • Intelligent Plaque Detection and Stenosis Assessment
    Automatically detects and classifies plaques, and precisely quantifies the coronary stenosis degree.
  • Smart Film Layout and Printing
    Automatically captures significant key lesions on MPR/CPR/VRT/prob mapping based on AI findings and generates films available for one-click seamless printing.
  • Automatic Generation of Structured Report
    Supports one-click copying of table format or text format report into the existing reporting system of hospitals, which can greatly improve the doctors’ efficiency of report writing.
Usage Scenarios
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Department of Radiology, Department of Cardiology, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery