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SenseTime AI Doctor Debuts on Live-streaming Platform to Promote Personal Hygiene


Beijing – February 27, 2020 – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company, will launch its first-ever AI doctor to provide personal hygiene advice to the public on a live-streaming video platform, raising public awareness of good hygiene habits.

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, personal and environmental hygiene has become a topic of international concern. To help educate the public, the ‘SenseTime AI Doctor’ will debut on Huya Live, one of the largest live-streaming video platforms in China, for one week from February 27th to March 4th.

Every day during the seven-day broadcast, the digital AI doctor will address a given health theme. These will cover subjects, such as the correct way to wear a mask and to wash hands, how to manage mental health, and how to stay well during the outbreak. Viewers will be able to interact with the AI doctor and raise questions using the platform’s chat box function, receiving instant voice responses animated by the doctor’s gestures and facial expressions.

The virtual AI doctor is highly adaptable to a variety of media platforms, responding to inquiries automatically without the need for manual control. Adopting SenseTime’s vision generation method, the AI doctor responds to answers vocally with matching facial expression and gestures which makes the 3D character look natural and appealing by syncing high-quality audio-to-video content.

Apart from the use for virtual AI doctor, SenseTime’s digital avatar can also be applied in a variety of industries as it can be integrated across different content libraries. The avatar’s appearance can be tailored according to user requirements and, through facial and gesture recognition technology, the avatar will be able to interact with users.

Beyond improving access to health care, virtual avatars, powered by AI, are finding new applications in more and more service industries. To fulfil our mission to develop AI technologies for a better tomorrow, SenseTime will continue to improve the capabilities of the digital avatars, and explore application scenarios that enhance our everyday lives.