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SenseTime Showcases 3 AI+AR Technology-empowered Game Demos at ChinaJoy


At the 17th China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference (a.k.a. ChinaJoy) in Shanghai, the world-leading AI company SenseTime joined hands with it partners to launch 3 game demos developed based on the SenseAR Platform, including “The New Smiling, Proud Wanderer” with Perfect World, “Let's Hunt Monsters” with Tencent and SenseTime’s self-developed multiplayer AR game “Black Sheep Defender”.  With the proprietary and leading technologies, SenseTime aims to empower the development of the gaming industry through “AI+AR” technologies, provide game developers with a new driving force and push forward the innovation and development of AR games and applications in China.

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At ChinaJoy, SenseTime showcased the game demo “The New Smiling, Proud Wanderer” developed by the SenseAR Avatar Platform through interactive sessions. This 3D wuxia style Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) mobile game demo captures players’ facial expressions, postures and gestures to control the movements of the in-game characters, allowing players to immerse themselves into this epic wuxia experience.

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SenseAR Avatar provides highly accurate, highly stable and low-latency real-time action tracking that captures players’ facial expressions, body movements and gestures, and reflect those through 3D virtual images naturally and smoothly, aiming to provide a perfect interactive experience to users.

Besides, collaborated by SenseTime and Tencent, the demo of AR mobile game “Let's Hunt Monsters” exhibited new gaming experience which is made possible by innovative technologies such as RGBD SLAM, 3D reconstruction, dynamic and static gesture recognition and more. Players can summon or hunt in-game monsters with their gestures. Apart from “Let's Hunt Monsters”, SenseTime also demonstrated its self-developed AR game demo “Black Sheep Defender” which is based on the company’s SenseAR Cloud Platform, bringing real-time synchronized gaming experience to multiple devices.