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SenseTime and MoCA Shanghai Jointly Present the Exhibition “Art×AI Series — Elementary World: SmartArt”


In the same pursuit of innovation and excellence, SenseTime and Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai (MoCA Shanghai) jointly launch the “Art×AI Series — Elementary World: SmartArt” exhibition at the MoCA Pavilion of MoCA Shanghai (June 14, 2019 – July 14, 2019) to explore how the fusion of art and AI brings about unprecedented creations through innovative displays. The exhibition is wholeheartedly supported by some of the country’s most aspiring artists specialized in different art fields, among which digital artist Element Lee is cordially invited to create the whole series of artworks for this exhibition.

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SenseTime and MoCA Shanghai jointly present the one-month exhibition“Art×AI Series — Elementary World: SmartArt”

The exhibition showcases a total of four crossover projects on art and AI in the following order: Element Lee’s Elementary World: SmartArt, Zhang Ying’s Lesson of Practice, Liu Jiayu’s Art Expression of the Shanghai Sky and Zhou Hoho’s Interaction with Sculpture. These extraordinary art pieces merge seamlessly with SenseTime’s forefront and original AI innovations, such as face recognition, 3D face reconstruction, neural style transfer, body sensing, data visualization and more. The collaboration on the exhibition project aims to bring viewers fresh inspirations on the beauty of life by offering premium aesthetic experience, as well as make AI technologies more accessible to the publics.