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SenseTime Debuts Self-Developed Smart Driving Innovation – Intelligent Cockpit


During the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2019), the world's leading artificial intelligence (AI) company SenseTime debuted the latest self-developed innovation – Intelligent Cockpit equipped with comprehensive in-vehicle driver monitoring products. The Intelligent Cockpit proudly boasts seven AI-empowered functions including ID identification, fatigue detection, distraction detection, face detection, eye tracking, gesture recognition, and passenger’s characteristics analytics. The debut product aims to improve car safety and enable more intelligent interactions between human and vehicle in driving scenarios.

Developed upon sophisticated computer vision and deep learning technologies, SenseTime’s Intelligent Cockpit incredibly shows high level of detection accuracy and integration flexibility. The Intelligent Cockpit can function in an extensive array of vehicle models because of its wide applicability to  various software and hardware platforms. Over the years, SenseTime has developed partnerships with many global automobile companies from the top-tier, including Visteon, a global automobile electronics supplier. More than 10 domestic and international OEMs have entrusted SenseTime as a provider of in-vehicle vision technology. SenseTime’s in-vehicle AI platform has also empowered WM Motors’s newly launched Weltmeister EX5 Electric SUV, a new rising Chinese EV brand. SenseTime will continue to work with global partners to upgrade driving experience and safety with proprietary AI technology.