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SenseTime Promotes Traffic Safety with Smart Automobile Platform


SenseTime and Shanghai International Automobile City Group (SIACG) has announced cooperation recently. Leveraging on the advanced AI technology of SenseTime, the two companies work together to enhance SIACG's shuttle bus service operations, driver management and passenger experience. In addition, the cooperation also includes the traffic data collection and big data analytics which fuel the development and extensive application of smart automobile in real-world.

Currently, there are 100+ shuttle bus routes in Shanghai, 38 of them has been upgraded with SenseTime's smart cockpitsolutions, which on one hand is capable of recognizing driver identity, fatigue level, distraction level and giving appropriate alerts to ensure safe driving.  The upgrade will gradually expand to all routes in future.

Real-time driving monitoring system to ensure safe driving

Safety is always the priority in traffic management. Empowered by SenseTime's advanced technology SenseDrive driving monitor system (DMS), shuttle bus with an ordinary infra-red camera and an ordinary chipset installed can instantly become capable of recognizing human face, blinking of eyes, attention monitoring and other status of the driver. It can accurately tell if the driver's fatigue level through closing of eyes or yawning, and notice high-risk behaviours such as smoking, drinking, making phone calls, etc, enhancing driving safety on the road.

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Driving monitoring system (DMS) installed in from of the driver’s seat

In the meantime, SenseTime also improves passenger experience with face-scanning payment system on shuttle buses. Passengers may register on the shuttle bus service app and submit their photo, they will then no longer have to worry about forgetting their smartphone or shuttle bus card, simply scan and go aboard, saving the hassle of waiting in queue to pay when getting on a bus.

The cooperation with SIACG is the debut of SenseTime's smart cockpit system on public transport. Moving forward, the platform to be further improved by introducing gesture recognition, eye-sight tracking and many more functions, taking road safety to a whole new level.