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SenseTime Streamline CNY Travel Rush Process with “Faces”


As Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching, tens of millions of Chinese citizens are travelling a long way back from the cities they live to their hometowns, just to spend the most important Chinese festival with their love ones. Such massive migration, happening every year, results in CNY travel rush, which mounts extreme pressure on public transport hubs like airports and train stations. But, this year may be a slightly different story as face recognition technology steps it to elevate the entire traveling experience.

Smart Passenger Security Check System

Deployed in T2 of Beijing Capital International Airport, the Smart Passenger Security Check System utilizes SenseTime’s cutting-edge face recognition technology for passenger identity verification, making sure the right passenger with right ID card is holding the right ticket for the flight. Meanwhile, at the luggage security check area, for the very first time, the system tries to bind the face of the passenger with his/her luggage so as to ensure no one pick the wrong luggage after the luggage check. In the past 6 months, the system has enhanced passenger throughput by more than 40%, and has saved much waiting time for passengers.

Smart Passenger Guidance System

Since last year, SenseTime has introduced SenseID to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, another busy hub in western China. The identity verification device assists security officers to verify passenger identities against their ID cards with highly-accurate face recognition technology, ensuring the safety of the airport and passengers.

Riding on the successful experience, SenseTime brings in Smart Passenger Guidance System this year, which allows passengers to check their flight details such as boarding gate, flight status, route to boarding, time, etc, simply by scanning their faces in front of the system! Traveling has never been so easy.