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SenseTime and iResearch Jointly Release “2018 China's AI Phone Industry Report”


In conjunction with iResearch, China’s leading provider of online audience measurement and consumer insights, SenseTime releases the “2018 China’s AI Phone Industry Report”, presenting a thorough review on current and future development trend of AI-powered smartphone from the perspectives of technology, application scenarios and commercialization.

Co-founder of SenseTime and Managing Director of SenseTime Research, Professor Xiaogang Wang, said, “The core advantage of AI-powered smartphone is its competence in self-learning, self-service, active understanding of users’ needs, and even functioning as a human brain to help users make decisions. Joining forces with industry partners at all levels, SenseTime will focus on tackling users’ pain points to enhance user experience of smart mobile terminals and empower smartphone industry with AI technology.”

The report points out that AI phone has already entered an early stage of development and displayed a number of prominent functions. The current AI phone market shows a high user penetration rate with a large potential user pool. Consumers in general enjoy face unlock and voice assistant features the most. According to iResearch’s analyst, AI has become a new driving force for the growth of mobile market. Moving forward, upstream and downstream manufacturers will further cooperate to develop a more competitive industrial chain pattern, in which the leading AI enterprises will play important roles in setting up the operational structure and pattern of AI phone  businesses to promote sustainability of the entire industry.

Full version of the report in Chinese can be retrieved from here.