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SenseTime’s Super-resolution AI Brings Ground-breaking Experience to Smartphone Photography


SenseTime has introduced its Super-resolution technology into well-known Chinese smartphone brand Vivo’s latest smartphone model X23 special edition. The brand-new technology enables unprecedented hi-res camera capability, which equips the all-new smartphone with the industry-leading photo and video quality, offering users exceptional experience of photography.

Due to the limits of camera size and production cost, the picture quality of super-resolution digital zooming done by traditional algorithm was never a match for those taken with optical zooming by DSLR. However, with innovative technologies in image processing and deep learning, SenseTime’s super-resolution AI algorithm can extract image data from a series of consecutive photos to create a photo with even higher resolution, more details and less noises, making a huge improvement not only on the picture quality, but also the processing speed of super-resolution photos.