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SenseTime and iResearch jointly Release “2018 China's AI City Perception Index Report”


SenseTime and iResearch Consulting Group jointly release the “2018 China's AI City Perception Index Report”. From the perspective of residents, this report summarizes the strategic layout of AI cities, compares the practical AI applications in typical cities, and on this basis, finds out new opportunities and directions for the future developments of AI cities.

The report has shown a number of important findings. With regards to the AI application demand index, it is found that the first and second-tier cities have the highest demand on using AI for traffic management in order to ease traffic congestion and realize smart commuting. In terms of AI application utilization index, the most frequently used AI application in first and second-tier cities is safety-related AI service; whereas the top three sectors with the highest potential to integrate AI applications are medical, financial and educational sectors. Although the demand on AI applications in these three areas are higher in general, AI applications are seldom put into use in these fields. Drawing on the fact that AI is integrating into every part of our daily lives, the report concludes that our perceptions and opinions exert significant impacts on the shaping and development of AI cities.