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SenseTime Unveils AI Industrial Engine to Drive Intelligent Transformation of Traditional Industry Sectors


October 27, 2021 – Qingdao, China – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) software company, unveiled its AI Industrial Engine technology to accelerate the intelligent transformation of traditional industry sectors. The technology was launched during a summit hosted by SenseTime at the World Industrial Internet Conference (WIIC), which kicked off in Qingdao, a major city on China’s Yellow Sea coast today. In addition, SenseTime shared a series of innovative applications of its cutting-edge AI technologies as well as initiatives to support intelligent industrial transformation in Qingdao.

SenseTime unveiled its AI Industrial Engine technology at WIIC.jpg

SenseTime released AI Industrial Engine at WIIC

AI Industrial Engine to Address Traditional Industry Challenges


Traditional industries are in the throes of digital transformation which will accelerate AI-driven intelligent upgrading of businesses. To meet the growing digital demands from a wide range of traditional industries, SenseTime has developed the AI Industrial Engine based on its universal AI infrastructure SenseCore to enable rapid and mass development of specific AI models and algorithms for industry sectors.  


Backed by the SenseCore AI infrastructure, the AI Industrial Engine facilitates the mass production of specific AI models via the support of large-scale supercomputing power and massive data processing. The traditional manufacturing industry, for example, has many long-tail scenarios. Tiny scratches and pits on the surfaces of various industrial components can lead to major accidents. With the launch of the AI Industrial Engine, SenseTime can help industrial enterprises develop AI models and applications to carry out customized product defect detection according to specific product features in different scenarios to improve quality control.


Meanwhile, the AI Industrial Engine further integrates SenseTime’s powerful software platforms SenseMARS and SenseFoundry-Enterprise. SenseMARS supports 3D reconstruction to create digital twins through AI and AR, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency of industrial space and facilities. SenseFoundry-Enterprise provides rich, diverse and high-precision AI algorithms and applications for industrial enterprises. It not only predicts enterprise operational risks in advance and empowers enterprise management, but also lowers the threshold for enterprise technology deployment and operation. For example, in an industrial production area with strict safety management standards, the AI Industrial Engine can realize real-time intelligent safety management of factories, production lines and vehicles, and reduce the incidence of safety accidents through automated danger warnings.

Structure of SenseTime AI Industrial Engine .jpg

Strengthen Industry Empowerment and Local Industrial Innovation


In addition to launching the AI Industrial Engine, SenseTime also signed a number of cooperation projects with AUCMA, Qingdao Haier Washing Machine Co.,Ltd, HCH Ventures, Qingdao Zerun Haishang Technology Development Co.,Ltd, Elink Technology, BambooCloud and other enterprises at the WIIC. In future, SenseTime will continue to carry out in-depth collaboration to drive smart manufacturing, smart city, smart home and other business areas to promote the AI-driven intelligent industrial transformation in Qingdao.

SenseTime signed a number of cooperation projects with local organizations and enterprises.jpg

SenseTime signed a number of cooperation projects with local organizations and enterprises

SenseTime also held an opening ceremony of its Qingdao AI Experience Center at the WIIC. This significant move showcases its commitment to supporting Qingdao’s long-term goal of becoming an industrial Internet capital.


SenseTime’s commitment to creating a better AI-empowered future in Qingdao


SenseTime has been committed to creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation in Qingdao. To facilitate better urban governance in Qingdao, SenseTime officially launched the ecological intelligence remote sensing platform built for Qingdao West Coast New Area, to help resource development and environmental protection.


In the area of industrial production, SenseTime is enhancing quality inspection processes through its proprietary AI technology, and effectively achieves the digitalization and stability of product quality.  Its SenseCare-Lung Pro software, a smart health product that facilitates the diagnosis of lung diseases, was adopted by Qingdao West Coast New Area People's Hospital to improve the efficiency and accuracy of COVID-19 diagnoses based on CT images. At the same time, SenseTime has also undertaken the AI medical service platform project in Qingdao West Coast New Area, which will comprehensively and intelligently upgrade the medical system.


In addition, SenseTime is actively promoting AI education for the younger generation, with its AI textbooks and AI courses adopted in more than 700 schools in Qingdao, benefiting nearly 800 teachers and over 60,000 students.