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Company Statement


On 10 December 2021 (U.S. time), the U.S. Department of the Treasury added SenseTime Group Limited to the NS-CMIC List.

We strongly oppose the designation and accusations that have been made in connection with it. The accusations are unfounded and reflect a fundamental misperception of our Company. We regret to have been caught in the middle of geopolitical tension.

As a software company committed to promoting sustainable, responsible and ethical use of AI, we have complied with the applicable laws and regulations in relation to our business in all material respects in the jurisdictions where we conduct business. Our AI Ethics Council, comprising both internal and external experts, ensures that our business strictly adheres to recognized ethical principles and standards. We have developed a Code of Ethics for AI Sustainable Development, and we collaborate closely with third-party institutions and international organizations to ensure the responsible and sustainable development of AI technology.

We are an entrepreneurial company founded by AI scientists and practitioners with an aim to use technology to improve people’s lives. We remain committed to accomplishing our mission to create a better AI-empowered future through innovation, and will take appropriate actions to protect the interests of our Company and our stakeholders.