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SenseTime Joins Hands with World's Leading Independent Engine Manufacturer to Advance Automotive Manufacturing in Industry 4.0 Era


February 14, 2022 – SenseTime recently launched an AI-enabled automatic engine defect detection solution with its industrial quality inspection training platform SenseSpring for Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co. (Foton Cummins), the world's leading independent engine manufacturer. The solution has significantly improved the efficiency of quality inspection and has set a new precedent in AI-enabled manufacturing in the automobile components sector.  


Backed by SenseTime’s powerful and proprietary SenseCore AI infrastructure, the SenseSpring platform enables Foton Cummins to detect surface and assembly defects in key engine components, freeing workers from tedious quality inspection work and improving the overall competitiveness of the business. This development marks a key milestone in the firm’s move to upgrade its intelligent manufacturing capabilities.


A senior project manager of Foton Cummins said, “The SenseSpring platform not only enables accurate, efficient, AI-enabled quality inspection across multiple scenarios, but also helps us upgrade intelligent manufacturing and lays the foundation for agile innovation and the application of AI quality inspection in the automotive industry.”

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Automatic Defect Warning

AI Precision Exceeds Industry Requirements


Manual inspections in automobile manufacturing often face major demands and challenges. This includes the fact it is time intensive and can be subject to human error. The SenseSpring platform addresses this industry problem by delivering solutions that cover three perspectives: multi-optical solution, multi-component support and multi-quality inspection.


The SenseSpring platform supports over ten different image processing solutions under different lighting conditions, ensuring high-quality image quality inspection, data pre-processing and data enhancement. The platform is able to provide high-precision image segmentation for tiny defects with just 3-5 pixels, and even in extreme scenes where the image resolution reaches hundreds of millions of pixels.


The platform can also detect the defects in multi-component parts, such as concave, arch and multi-dimensional parts. It provides technologies such as Auto Denoise to improve the details of each component. At the same time, the platform provides unsupervised, semi-supervised and fully supervised model training for assembly defects and production process defects in industrial production to improve the accuracy of quality inspections.


The SenseSpring platform has been rolled out across several Foton Cummins sites.jpg

The SenseSpring platform has been rolled out across several Foton Cummins sites. Leveraging on the AutoML technology specially designed for small industrial datasets, the SenseSpring platform can achieve the best balance between computing power and accuracy in industrial quality inspection. The AI model obtained by automatic hyperparameter search on the platform is obviously superior to the ordinary model in both underkill and overkill rate, making full use of the capabilities of the powerful SenseCore AI infrastructure.


SenseTime will continue to promote the transformation and upgrade of intelligent manufacturing alongside Foton Cummins through its powerful AI platforms, leveraging technology to boost the development of the overall automobile industry in an Industry 4.0 era.