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SenseTime Calls for “AI for A Better Tomorrow” in Cannes, Showcasing Leading AI Applications that Benefit Human Lives


April 14, 2022, Cannes, France – SenseTime showcased its key AI capabilities and applications in the domains of mixed reality entertainment, mobility, city management and healthcare at the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF) 2022, hosted as a hybrid event comprising of both physical and virtual formats from April 14-16 in Cannes, France.


WAICF is a global event dedicated to AI technology, assembling tech leaders and innovators in the field to discuss the economic, human and societal issues that will impact our lives in the near future.

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George HUANG, President of International Business Group, SenseTime Group, delivered a keynote speech titled "AI for a better tomorrow" at WAICF

George HUANG, President of International Business Group, SenseTime Group, delivered a keynote speech titled "AI for a better tomorrow" today, deep diving into how AI is improving people’s daily lives at the conference.


"There has been massive market demand for AI computing services, as the digitalization of cities and enterprises expand, along with the accelerated development of Metaverse and autonomous driving," Mr. Huang said. "We are committed to developing AI technology that advances economies, society and humanity to address global challenges."


Industry-Leading Solutions to Make AI Fairer, Safer and More Controllable

During his keynote speech, Mr. Huang stressed the importance of adhering to the three core ethical principles of "sustainability, human-centric, and controllable technology" suggested by SenseTime, which calls on institutions, enterprises and individuals to respect and recognise the balance between innovation and ethics.

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George HUANG exchanged views with international customers on the development and application of AI

“Empowered by our universal AI infrastructure SenseCore, SenseTime has cemented a leading position in four major segments, namely Smart Business, Smart City, Smart Life and Smart Auto, integrating strong computing power and leading algorithm capabilities in a sustainable and responsible way.” Mr. Huang said.


Impressive Showcase of Leading AI Applications

Across the three-day exhibition and conference, SenseTime exhibited a suite of AI solutions aimed at improving people’s lives through innovation. Key solutions presented at SenseTime’s booth (no. A33) include:


AI + Mixed Reality: A showcase of an immersive and interactive SeaWorld experience powered by SenseTime’s SenseMARS software platform, which serves as the key enabling technology platform for the Metaverse to create new life experiences. Audiences can enjoy vivid AR natural wonders and fun games in a convergence of the virtual and physical worlds.


AI + Mobility: The SenseAuto intelligent automotive application platform introduces full-suite applications in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), smart cabin, vehicle-to-road connect, L4-level autonomous driving and Robobus, helping to minimize driver errors and reduce road hazards.




SenseTime showcased a suite of AI solutions at its booth


More comprehensive and innovative use cases in AI + City, AI + Healthcare, AI + Education and other fields are also showcased at the booth. Experts from SenseTime also conducted several workshops to discuss hot topics including “innovation of the next generation of mobility”, “revolutions in healthcare when it meets AI”, and “AI-empowered cities for sustainable living”.


AI advancements can help society to create a better, more inclusive human centred future, and it will always be the fundamental strategy for SenseTime as it expands and diversifies its technology offerings. As the leading AI company, SenseTime strives to pioneer the development of technology and fulfil the mission of “AI for a better tomorrow”.