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SenseTime Empowers Honda China's First Fully-Electric Vehicles with SenseAuto Cabin-D DMS, Enhancing Driving Safety and Experience

April 26, 2022 - SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) software company, reveals that its AI-powered SenseAuto Cabin-D driver monitoring system (DMS) has been deployed in Honda China’s first two fully electric vehicle models launched in the Chinese market – Dongfeng Honda e:NS1 and GAC Honda e:NP1. Leveraging SenseAuto’s cutting-edge AI sensing algorithms, the system can accurately detect unsafe driving behaviors such as drowsiness and distraction, as well as actively interact with the driver to enable a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

 Honda's first driver monitoring system DMS unit.png

(Source: Honda China)


SenseAuto DMS facilitates safer and more enjoyable driving experience


SenseAuto Cabin-D DMS is integrated with the SenseAuto Intelligent Automotive Application Platform., It strengthens the two new Chinese automotive models with essential safety protection for the next generation of smart driving. If driver drowsiness is detected, it will instantly trigger a voice alert through the “e:N OS” intelligent control system. Moreover, it can reduce risks to the driver and passengers by providing suggested solutions, such as proposing a nearby safe spot to park and rest. The system will also alert the driver if dangerous driving behaviors such as distractions or making phone calls are detected to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience.


SenseTime’s industry-leading AI sensing technology is fundamental to the advanced DMS system. Through the in-cabin infrared monocular cameras, SenseAuto Cabin-D will conduct real-time sensing and analysis of the driver’s facial expressions, gaze and postures to understand if the driver is tired, distracted or in other types of risky situations. The signals are then immediately transmitted to the vehicle’s DMC system to trigger timely warnings to avoid potential hazards. SenseAuto also enables quick facial verification for drivers to enjoy personalized in-cabin settings. The functions represent a big leap in driver-vehicle interaction and a major upgrade from traditional reactive commands to proactive interaction.


Dongfeng Honda eNS1 and GAC Honda eNP1.png


Market-proven capabilities for the future smart ecosystem


SenseAuto has been continuously expanding application scenarios in the smart cabin field through accumulated innovation capabilities and close cooperation with leaders in the auto industry. Over the past two years, SenseAuto’s child absence detection product has been deployed in a number of Chery Jetour’s mass-produced models, significantly reducing the risks of leaving a child alone in a vehicle. The SenseAuto Cabin-O Health Partner launched at the end of last year will be adopted by a leading carmaker in models to be launched in the middle of this year. Integrating SenseTime’s rich experience in the smart life sector, the augmented reality (AR) Avatar can also serve as a lively virtual driving assistant to accompany the driver like a loyal friend.


According to a recent ranking by Gaogong AI Research, one of the leading research institutes on the auto industry in China, SenseTime is the largest AI software supplier in the Chinese market in 2021 with a 15.79% market share. SenseAuto’s capabilities have also been recognized by various international certificates, such as the ISO26262 ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level)-B certification for its DMS, which was obtained in December 2019. It also obtained the ASPICE (Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capacity Determination) CL1 and CL2 certifications in December 2019 and July 2020 respectively, becoming the first AI software company in Asia to receive the ASPICE certifications.


With the popularization of L2+ and higher levels of advanced driving assistance systems, effective human-vehicle interactions are becoming increasingly necessary to protect drivers and their passengers. SenseAuto’s full-stack AI products will provide strong driving force for Honda China’s EV development and empower more application scenarios of smart auto. Earlier this year, SenseTime established the Intelligent Automotive Group with the aim to develop an industry-leading AI empowerment platform for automobiles. Supported by SenseTime’s strength in universal AI, SenseAuto will continue its dynamic innovation for smart cabin development and contributing to the industry ecosystem for a safer, more interactive and comfortable future mobility experience.