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SenseTime Assists Shanghai’s Covid Fight with Supplies and AI Technology


Apr 27, 2022 - Shanghai, China - SenseTime has donated supplies and necessities to support the healthcare frontline workers, schools and communities in Shanghai.


Meanwhile, leveraging its cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence, SenseTime developed the SenseThunder-Air “All-in-One” epidemic prevention smart system and quickly deployed it to key epidemic prevention and control areas to help fight the coronavirus outbreak.


Provide essential supplies to support the community


In late March, SenseTime procured and delivered epidemic-prevention supplies to support the local communities in Shanghai in combating the virus, including protective suits, masks, gloves, foldable beds and blankets, as well as convenience food, drinking water and other necessities.



SenseTime delivered necessities to teachers and students in Shanghai Jiaotong University


Many employees of SenseTime volunteered to join frontline medical staff and community workers in residential communities and epidemic prevention stations in 9 districts of Shanghai, such as assisting with the COVID-19 tests for 1,797 individuals in the Donglan community and distributing necessities to residents.



SenseTime’s employees volunteered to participate in community epidemic prevention work


SenseTime’s SenseStudy Online Learning Platform also provided distant learning services to many primary and secondary schools in Shanghai, enabling teachers to plan courses, teach, and provide feedback on homework more efficiently during the coronavirus outbreak.


Empower hospitals with AI technology


As one of the largest temporary hospitals in Shanghai, the Lingang Temporary Hospital is running at full capacity, which has a high demand for contactless delivery of goods and efficient transfer of medical staff. With SenseTime’s experience of various autonomous driving R&D work in the Lingang New Area since 2018, the project teams of SenseAuto autonomous driving shuttle bus and autonomous driving taxi worked relentlessly to complete the testing of a 12km autonomous driving route within one day. These intelligent connected vehicles with robust systems will be officially put into use to help the safe and efficient transportation of anti-epidemic materials and medical staff.


Under the remote working arrangements, SenseTime is making further use of its expertise in smart health to support hospitals. The company quicky launched a medical imaging diagnosis platform, which supported sharing of medical information across different hospitals with the help of medical information and radiology departments. The platform has been adopted by 3A hospitals in Shanghai, allowing doctors to diagnose and produce reports remotely.


AI-powered epidemic prevention system for contactless verification


In March, SenseTime launched the SenseThunder-Air “All-in-One” epidemic prevention smart system within two weeks and quickly deployed it to key epidemic prevention and control areas. The system integrates 6 functions - mask detection, temperature screening, health code verification, vaccination record query, nucleic acid report query and E-ID verification function, which assists quick verification for various venues and bring convenience to the public.



The SenseThunder-Air “All-in-One” epidemic prevention smart system integrates 6 functions, including temperature screening and nucleic acid report query


At present, the devices have been deployed to the entrances and exits of many public activity places in Changning District, including wet markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, transaction centers, street offices and other key areas.


SenseTime has been upholding the mission of “To create a better AI-empowered future through innovation” as it supported cities such as Shenzhen, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi in their epidemic control. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SenseTime has been making an effort to protect cities and people with donations of emergency supplies, AI-powered temperature screening devices and epidemic prevention and control system for healthcare facilities. Moving forward, SenseTime will continue harnessing AI technology in a responsible and sustainable way to help the community, and facilitate the development of AI industry and the society.