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SenseTime Revitalizes Xu Beihong’s Artistic Legacy into Digital Art with AI + AR Technologies


June 15, 2022, Hong KongSenseTime transformed the vigorous horse paintings of Xu Beihong, the prominent Chinese modern art master, into creative digital art, revitalizing traditional Chinese art with AI innovation. With the authorisation from the Xu Beihong Art Museum, 2,300 pieces of virtual artwork created by SenseTime were officially released on May 30, and became an instant bestseller in the digital space.


Powered by the SenseMARS software platform, the digital art of Xu’s paintings enables immersive art appreciation that introduces audience to a 3D artistic world, where the strength and vitality of the galloping horses are bought to life.


Luan Qing, General Manager of Digital Entertainment Division of Digital World Group at SenseTime, shared about SenseTime’s cooperation with the Xu Beihong Art Museum, “Innovation is in SenseTime’s DNA, which also fuels the continuous development of the digital creative industry.  The digital art of Xu’s horse paintings is the fruit of our joint effort. Together, we are committed to pushing forward the digital transformation of traditional industries with AI-enabled interactive experience.”




Hailed as the father of Chinese modern art education, Xu Beihong earned worldwide fame with dozens of paintings of galloping horses. The digital art released this time was taken from one of his finest works in 1942, when he depicted a strong and vigorous horse which carried his hope and faith in a bright future.


SenseTime’s proprietary AI algorithms can recreate the visual elements of the horse while AR technology can produce an immersive background, fully conveying the vigour and vividness of the horse to the eyes of audience.


Moreover, the digital art allows mobile users to embrace the virtual artistic realm at anytime and anywhere. They can appreciate the beauty of Xu’s wonderful brushwork in detail and observe the postures of the horses through multiple angles, creating unique art appreciation on mobile screens.





Ning Jing, the executive director of  Xu Beihong Art Museum said, "We are committed to promoting Xu Beihong's aesthetic education in modern China. Through cooperation with SenseTime, we are able to use the advanced technologies to present the vivid horse in Xu Beihong’s classic work that encourages more audiences to rediscover and experience the wonderful artistic world.”


SenseTime has been actively exploring the creation of an intellectual property metaverse through its innovative AR+AI technologies powered by SenseMARS platform. It aims to excavate the spirit of traditional Chinese culture, create an unparalleled experience in the metaverse and form a deeper and more comprehensive perspective of intellectual property. Moving forward, SenseTime will continue to expand and diversify its technology offering into digital art field, and leverage its SenseMARS platform to advance the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds with artificial intelligence.