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SenseTime Empowers ALS Patients and Families with Intelligent Nursing System on Global ALS Awareness Day


June 21, 2022 – SenseTime today announced its cooperation with Shaanxi ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Association to offer access to the company’s Intelligent Nursing System to empower ALS patients and their families in Shaanxi Province, China on the Global ALS Awareness Day. The AI-powered Intelligent Nursing System will provide comprehensive support to ALS patients and their families.

Every year on June 21, the International Alliance of ALS/MND (Motor neuron disease) Associations promotes the Global ALS Awareness Day, to recognize ALS/MND – a progressive neurodegenerative disease which affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing a loss of muscle control in patients that will gradually impact their speech and mobility.  


SenseTime’s Intelligent Nursing System has been developed with its cutting-edge AI technology and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of ALS patients and their families. Development for the system began in March, and is designed to provide contactless care and real-time monitoring of abnormal physiological indicators of patients.


Dr. Qigong Sun, Director of Applied Research Laboratory of SenseTime, said, “We hope to increase global awareness around this rare but debilitating disease and through this ALS Care Project, encourage more social care. Moving forward, SenseTime will continue to work with Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and expand cooperation with relevant associations and hospitals, in the hope of benefiting more patients and unleashing the power of AI for good.”



An ALS patient in Shaanxi Province is using the Intelligent Nursing System.


A Continuous Effort to Provide a Human-centric Solution

Since February this year, SenseTime has worked closely with Shaanxi ALS Association to maintain close communication with the patients. Through continuous user feedback, SenseTime optimized the system to create a simpler and easy-to-use AI solution which enables 24-hour contactless care for ALS patients. The monitoring function in particular relieves pressure on family members and caregivers.


After deploying the system, SenseTime's team conducted over 24 hours’ of field testing in patients' homes to ensure a timely response to their needs and to avoid false alarms, making it a more humanized solution.


Many of the ALS patients and caregivers in contact with SenseTime's team are elderly who may not be familiar with smart devices. To address the problem, SenseTime simplified the process as much as possible allowing a more user-friendly interface for patients and their families. For example, when the system detects that the device's position is not angled correctly, it will actively send out simple reminders guiding the user to correct its position.



SenseTime's team conducted system testing in a simulated environment.


Chen Yuheng, Co-founder of SenseTime, said, “Caring is the essence of nursing, as is the design of our Intelligent Nursing System. SenseTime has spared no effort to explore ways that solve social problems with its continuous investment in AI technology. In the future, we will continue to use AI technology to fulfil our social responsibility and create a better future of AI through innovation.”


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