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SenseTime Furthers Digital Tourism in Saudi Arabia, Bringing AI-Powered Solutions to Jeddah Season


July 25, 2022, Saudi Arabia – SenseTime has partnered with Sela, a leading events management company to deliver AI-powered solutions and provide the ultimate smart tourism experience for tourists in Jeddah Season, a mega event in Saudi Arabia.

Following the successful five-month run of Riyadh Season, which recorded 15 million visits to a host of cultural and recreational activities in the Saudi capital, SenseTime took a step further to extend the collaboration with Sela. The collaboration not only enhances a seamless experience for visitors with an integrated platform, but also affirms SenseTime’s leading role in providing AI-powered solutions to smart tourism.


Jeddah Season 2022


Similar to Riyadh Season, the two-month event Jeddah Season is part of the countrywide Saudi Seasons festival initiative taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to boost economic and tourism activity. Jeddah Season enhances the city’s already growing reputation as a global destination for large-scale sports and cultural events, while aiming to enrich public life in the Kingdom.


Under the slogan “Our good days”,  Jeddah Season features 2,800 activities including performances, exhibitions and games of international and Arab themes, running from May to June. It is made up of nine zones designated to host various events, in which SenseTime has brought AI-powered solutions such as visual intelligence, spatial perception, intelligent images and contactless access to five major venues. Leveraging SenseTime’s cutting edge AI capabilities, Sela can bring visitors a seamless and immersive experience with an integrated platform that supports various scenarios in the venues.


With the launch of various projects in Saudi Arabia, SenseTime believes that its end-to-end solutions of digital tourism and park management have brought better experiences to all tourists, exporting all these entertainment and cultural activities from Saudi Arabia to all parts of the world and setting the stage for the country’s emergence as a major tourism destination.