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SenseTime Launches the SenseAuto V2X Vehicle-Road Synergy Platform, Enables Safer and More Efficient Urban Mobility


September 6, Shanghai – SenseTime officially launched its SenseAuto V2X Vehicle-Road Synergy Platform at the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC). By integrating “smart cars, intelligent roads and collaborative cloud”, the platform provides a one-stop analysis and decision-making solution through the fusion processing and analysis of vehicle and roadside information to create safer and more efficient urban mobility.

1. Wu Wei, Vice President of Product and Research, V2X Business, SenseAuto, launches the SenseAuto V2X Platform.jpg

Wu Wei, Vice President of Product and Research, V2X Business, SenseAuto, launches the SenseAuto V2X Platform

On the vehicle side, the SenseAuto V2X-I Car & City Network System, together with a diverse series of the SenseAuto RoboX self-driving vehicles, form an urban mobile intelligent perception system that accelerates the development of intelligent-connected vehicles. On the road side, the SenseAuto V2X-E Intelligent Vehicle-to-Everything System complements the blind spot sensors with comprehensive sensing. On the cloud side, the V2X-M Smart Computing Platform performs data aggregation and calculation, and leverages the V2X-C Cloud Control Platform to execute efficient decision-making and vehicle control. By connecting vehicles, roads and cloud platforms, SenseAuto V2X further strengthens SenseAuto Intelligent Vehicle Platform’s business layout to develop a comprehensive platform for the implementation and promotion of vehicle-road synergy.


2. SenseAuto V2X Product Portfolio.png 

SenseAuto V2X Product Portfolio


Facilitating Single Vehicle Intelligence to Optimize Decision-Making for Urban Transportation

Globally, vehicle blind spots cause hundreds of thousands of accidents every year. Though autonomous driving technology has rapidly evolved in recent years, it remains difficult to address the blind spot problems through the use of current sensor allocations alone. Deploying more sensors inevitably adds to the cost of vehicles and thereby slows the widespread introduction of autonomous driving technology. Hence, installing road-side sensing is the safest and most cost-effective solution to provide vehicles with holographic sensing ability.


3. Common vehicle blind spots.png 

Common vehicle blind spots


With its multi-sensor fusion technology based on LiDARs, cameras and millimeter wave radars, the SenseAuto V2X-E Intelligent Vehicle-to-Everything System achieves an industry-leading sensing range of 300 meters, 8 lanes and a fusion sensing accuracy of 95%. It can work as a “traffic commander” to avoid over 99% of problems caused by vehicle blind spots and provide over 70 V2X applications in real-time, effectively elevating a vehicle’s safety in complex environments. Roadside sensors also accelerate intelligent-connected vehicle development at scale and commercialization by lowering their cost.


Fusion analysis and collaborative control are essential to optimizing urban transportation at the city level. By integrating SenseTime’s Smart Computing and Cloud Control platforms, common traffic problems, such as traffic congestion, traffic disorder and frequent traffic offences can be effectively resolved.


Currently, SenseAuto V2X is widely used to manage national Internet of Vehicles (IoV) pilot zones, closed parks, highways and urban traffic. With more than 20 kinds of intelligent traffic detection capabilities, the platform facilitates traffic management decision-making with a higher degree efficiency and safety.


RoboX Self-Driving VehiclesEmpowers Smart Operationat Busy Urban Areas


In addition to expanding urban mobility through the V2X platform, SenseTime’s SenseAuto RoboX series of autonomous driving vehicles bolsters the performance of areas such as traffic management, logistics and mobility services. During this year’s WAIC, the SenseAuto RoboSweeper, equipped with professional sweeping chassis made its debut. Leveraging SenseTime’s leading AI technologies and powered by the SenseAuto V2X Cloud Control Platform, the self-driving sweeper can perform fully automated cleaning tasks safely, efficiently, and economically. A pilot program for the RoboSweeper is scheduled to be launched in bustling urban areas such as airports, industrial parks and municipal roads.


4. SenseAuto RoboSweeper.jpg

SenseAuto RoboSweeper


The SenseAuto Robobus Self-Driving Shuttle Bus features complete autonomous driving functionality and reliable safe driving capability. It will be used for short-distance shuttle routes to provide a safe and comfortable shuttle experience on open roads under various weather and environmental conditions. The Robobus is currently in use in five cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. With the support of the V2X platform, the Robobus will continue to be upgraded in features like holographic sensing and all-scenario transportation synergy.


One of the largest challenges to developing V2X platforms is the mass investment in infrastructure. As an artificial intelligence software company, SenseTime leverages the strong computing power of the SenseCore AI Infrastructure to achieve fast iteration of algorithms with highly efficient closed-loop data. Through the continuous OTA (over-the-air) upgrade at the “vehicle-road-cloud” ends, users are able to access the most updated software on the same hardware, lowering the marginal costs of hardware infrastructure, and accelerating the application of vehicle-road synergy in a cost-effective and efficient way.

5. SenseAuto Intelligent Vehicle Platform.jpg

SenseAuto Intelligent Vehicle Platform


Supported by SenseTime’s proprietary technological framework, SenseAuto V2X platform provides not only standardized products but also customization of modules to meet the requirements of different partners. SenseTime will continue working with our partners from different industries to bring safer, more efficient and more convenient urban mobility experiences.