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SenseTime Commits to Empowering a Low-Carbon Future with AI Technology, Forming a Strategic Cooperation with SPIC Research Institute


October 13, 2022 – The digital transformation and low-carbon development of the energy and power industry are essential to achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality. SenseTime has fully harnessed its innovative AI technologies to boost the digital transformation of the energy and power industry and achieved fruitful results.


As a typical representative of rising technology enterprises to practice carbon reduction, SenseTime gives full play to its own technological advantages, empowers carbon-intensive industries with advanced technologies, helps digital transformation of energy and industry, and undertakes the social responsibility of carbon neutrality. SenseTime has successfully built a comprehensive digital energy product line, covering energy production, transmission and storage.



SenseTime announced it has recently signed a new strategic cooperation agreement with State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) Research Institute, to jointly promote the digital transformation and development of the energy and power industry through cloud computing, big data, AI and other products, contributing to a low-carbon future.


All-Scenario Smart New Energy Solutions


Under the cooperation, SenseTime and SPIC Research Institute will design an AI training platform specifically for the power industry, promoting the intelligent application of distributed scenes in power plants. By integrating data resources, industry experience and the strong long-tail algorithm advantages of SenseTime, we will unleash the power of AI in smart power plant with our partners, and solve the bottleneck of intelligent production, management and operation of power plants.


The cooperation aims to develop smart new energy solutions that facilitate the development of the energy industry, empowering solar power plants, energy storage power stations and other scenarios. Both parties will work together to upgrade the smart virtual power plant system based on AI technology, which can accurately predict the energy supply and demand trends of all kinds of aggregated users, effectively improving the operation efficiency of virtual power plants and expanding operating income.


With the powerful intelligent identification engine, SenseTime’s advanced technologies can also facilitate smart inspection, which can improve the efficiency of electric power operation and maintenance, save time and labor costs, and effectively ensure the safe operation.




Dr. Xu Li, Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO of SenseTime, said, “We are committed to promoting the sustainable development of AI and empowering the digital transformation of traditional industries. Looking ahead, we will work with our partners to explore new application scenarios of AI technology in the energy industry and support the digital transformation of the industry.”


Wang Guizhu, General Manager of Smart Energy at SenseTime, said, “SenseTime has been promoting the AI application in the energy industry for many years. The cooperation with SPIC Research Institute marks a milestone for the development of our digital energy business. To reach the goal of carbon neutrality, we will continue to support more energy enterprises in their digital transformation.”