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SenseTime Empowers Alfa Romeo F1® Team's Digital Fleet with AI in the New Season


February 23, 2023 – The Alfa Romeo F1® Team recently held an event for the debut of its C43 2023 model in Zurich, Switzerland. The new F1 model has a high-tech appearance with its stylish red and black colours. As the team’s AI technology partner, SenseTime’s logo was also unveiled along with the new car. Previously, the two parties had reached a technical collaboration on the joint development of customized AI solutions to enhance racing performance, exploring various ways to empower the motorsport industry.


The Alfa Romeo F1® Team unveils the new C43 Car for the 2023 season.jpg

The Alfa Romeo F1® Team unveils the new C43 Car for the 2023 season


Compared to last year's C42 F1, the new C43 F1 has undergone a major upgrade in its paint job, body weight, aerodynamic design, and will see more advanced technology features. The newly launched F1 car and team will participate in the pre-season test in Bahrain on February 23-25, according to the F1 schedule.


Team representative for the Alfa Romeo F1® Team Alessandro Alunni Bravi recently stated in an interview that the role of electronics in today's F1 race is increasingly significant. “For example, transferring race data from the car to the technicians in real-time helps in analysing and validating a vehicle’s dynamic behavior during the race. It also creates digital archives of the race that can be used to make necessary adjustment of F1 car configurations,  making the team more competitive,” said Alessandro Alunni Bravi.


Last November, the team reached a technical cooperation with SenseTime to tailor AI solutions for the Alfa Romeo F1® Team using real-time race data. The two parties will jointly develop innovative AI software applications to optimize the team’s decision-making process and race strategy, which will help the team improve its overall performance.


SenseTime’s logo appeared next to the F1 car cockpit.jpg

SenseTime’s logo appeared next to the F1 car cockpit


Alessandro Alunni Bravi also said, “AI is the new frontier. By working with SenseTime, we can use AI to improve our performance in the car, on the pitwall, in the garage and at HQ — this innovation will allow us to predict any key issues that may hinder our future work and develop response strategies in advance.”


Smart Auto has always been one of SenseTime’s core business segments. For example, using AI decision-making, SenseTime’s SenseAuto intelligent automotive application platform leverages the strong, proprietary iteration capabilities to enhance autonomous driving performance and achieve optimal planning and control. Based on the SenseCore AI Infrastructure, SenseTime has built a product system that integrates “smart driving, smart cabin and cloud platform”, making SenseTime one of the few suppliers in the industry with both autonomous driving and smart cabin capabilities.


Prof. Wang Xiaogang, Co-founder, Chief Scientist and President of Intelligent Automotive Group, SenseTime, said, “SenseAuto is positioned to be the core supplier of AI technology in the era of intelligent vehicles. Over the past few years, SenseAuto has continuously expanded its own ecosystem, which includes over 30 customers from car manufacturers and more than 50 ecosystem partners, covering a total of over 26 million vehicles. The cooperation with an F1 team will further strengthen SenseAuto's innovations, providing precise and efficient intelligent services for the team.”


George Huang, CEO of International Business Group of SenseTime, said, “Intelligent vehicle is a thrilling area and one of SenseTime's areas of expertise. F1 competition combines leading-edge science and technology, team spirit, and the wisdom and bravery of each member of the team. We believe that with the addition of AI, the excitement of racing will be further amplified and the team's performance will be elevated. We look forward to embarking on the new season with the team.”