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SenseTime Joins Hands with Beidahuang Group to Empower Agricultural Industry’s Intelligence Upgrade with AI


February 28, 2023, Shanghai – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) software company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beidahuang Group’s modern agricultural ecology platform. As the first AI company stationed in the platform, SenseTime will leverage its advanced AI infrastructure advantages, rich cross-industry experience, and meteorological data accumulated by Beidahuang Group, to explore various AI applications in the agricultural industry. Together, the companies will upgrade agriculture industry’s intelligence with AI, further adopting technology for sustainable farming systems. Zhang Lin, General Manager of Remote Sensing, SenseTime and Ren Rongrong, Vice President of Beidahuang Group’s Information Company, represented both companies to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Beidahuang Group, a national grain production base, plays an important role in guaranteeing national food security in China. With the partnership, SenseTime and Beidahuang Group will jointly expand the application of “AI+ Agriculture”, unlocking infinite possibilities in agricultural digitalization.


SenseTime has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Beidahuang Group’s Information Company

Leo Liu, Vice President of SenseTime and President of Emerging Innovations Group, said: “Driven by innovative AI technology, the agricultural industry is entering a new stage of digitalization. Through the cooperation with the Beidahunag Group, SenseTime will utilize its advanced technologies and rich industrial experience to integrate abundant agricultural data and professional knowledge accumulated by Beidahuang Group, promoting sustainable agricultural development and revolutionizing the agricultural industry in the AI era.”

Ren Rongrong, Vice President of Beidahuang Group’s Information Company said: “Beidahuang Group is pooling together scientific and technologically innovative forces through a co-created platform. We hope to build extensive partnerships with multiple players in various agricultural segments with the goal of fast-tracking the integration of digital agriculture into commercial applications. SenseTime is a leader in the AI sector, and Beidahuang has a wealth of agricultural application scenarios. This makes the cooperation a powerful partnership to empower agriculture industry using AI technology. We look forward to jointly carrying out pilot projects on innovative applications and accelerating the development of digital agriculture .”

Moving forward, SenseTime will integrate INTERN, a general vision model and our SenseCore AI infrastructure to provide abundant infrastructure support with large computing power to meet the needs in long-tail agricultural applications. Meanwhile, SenseTime’s intelligent quality inspection solutions will also further enhance the quality inspection process of agricultural products. For a variety of agricultural scenarios online and offline, SenseTime will open up infinite opportunities in the agricultural economy through its AI digital human services and AI + digital art technologies. 

Per the agreement, SenseTime will use its proprietary AI+ remote sensing technologies to provide scientific, accurate and all-round decision support for Beidahuang’s business departments. Crop pests are one of the major agricultural threats in China. Their wide variety, huge impact and frequent outbreaks can cause significant damage to agricultural production and food security. Early detection in locating areas of infestation and accurately determining the type of pests are essential for preventing damage and managing crop output. Thereby, the companies will jointly develop monitoring model based on intelligent remote sensing technology and meteorology technology, as well as crop pest and disease detection model based on image recognition technology. These models can provide efficient and accurate diagnosis of the infestation’s impact and significantly enhance the efficiency of crop pest and disease prediction and prevention.


The illustration of intelligent technology for crop pest detection

Underpinned by the deep learning framework, SenseTime’s AI+ remote sensing algorithm has achieved high accuracy in recognition of arable land and staple crops – with over 90% and 85% accuracy respectively. With outstanding generalization ability, the technology can be widely adopted in the main crop production areas in China. Among them, the arable land identification model can be adopted to sub-meter and 2-meter level of images while the staple crop identification model can be used for sub-meter to 10-meter level of images. With the integration of multi-task models, it can flexibly meet the application needs of various business scenarios. 

The "new infrastructure" is rapidly advancing and has become an important driver for intelligent development within the agricultural industry. SenseTime will actively support intelligent remote sensing technology in all aspects of agricultural production, enabling the seamless implementation of "intelligent" and "smart" agricultural production. While continuously improving its technology, SenseTime looks forward to working with different partners to achieve synergies, jointly promote high-quality development as well as stimulate new momentum for digital and intelligent development within the agricultural industry.