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SenseTime Releases 2022 Sustainability Report: Building an Intelligence Future with AI


April 27, 2023 – SenseTime announced today the release of its 2022 Sustainability Report, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability, the environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance.


AI, a pivotal technology for scientific and technological innovation, is also crucial for industrial transformation and upgrading. To further this advancement, SenseTime is pursuing its mission “to create a better AI-empowered future through innovation” by continually investing in original AI research and development. The company has built a robust AI computing infrastructure, which progressively builds on AI innovation and deployment to reduce costs and increase efficiency. By leveraging AI technology, SenseTime is able to drive high-quality development within the economy and industries, paving the way for a brighter future.


Dr. Xu Li, Chairman and CEO of SenseTime, said, “We believe AI, with its advanced productivity, has the potential to help humanity address environmental and social challenges, among others. At our company, we embed sustainability in all aspects of our business. As we move into the 'Big Model Era,' we anticipate a shift in AI technology applications towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which will unlock even more possibilities for sustainable economic and social development.”


Environment: Utilizing AI and carbon reduction innovations

SenseTime unwaveringly embraces a green development philosophy. For instance, in 2021, the company established the strategic goal of “achieving carbon peak emissions by 2025, operational carbon neutrality by 2030, and net zero emissions by 2050.” Henceforth, the company has been working diligently towards this goal.


SenseTime has incorporated energy saving and low carbon technologies into the preparation, construction and operation of the SenseTime AIDC (Artificial Intelligence Data Center). Once the AIDC is fully operational, its power consumption will be more than 10% lower than the average consumption at China’s medium and large industrial data centers. Subsequently, it will help save about 45 million kWh of electricity annually which is equivalent to 25.7 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, in 2022, SenseTime renovated its Shanghai headquarter in the Xinzhou Tower, which resulted in a reduction of close to 95 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.  Specifically, the upgraded air conditioning system reduces carbon emissions by around 8% annually.

AIDC 全景0713(1)(1).jpg

SenseTime AIDC (Artificial Intelligence Data Center)


SenseTime constantly explores valuable ways of applying AI and carbon reduction technologies to empower numerous industries. It created a new intelligent remote sensing supervisory platform for ecology and the environment to support the monitoring and management of ecological and environmental protection. Additionally, SenseTime supports clean energy scenarios for photovoltaic plants and storage power stations by providing a matrix covering the production, transmission and storage of energy products, and building an AI-based capability training platform and intelligent new energy solutions for the power generation industry.


Social: Fostering a caring society and growing together with our employees

SenseTime invests in healthcare, education, culture and other everyday scenarios to help improve the quality and efficiency of various public services and promote sustainable social development.


SenseTime’s SensePass portable “six-in-one” system and SenseThunder thermal imaging & temperature measurement all-in-one machine have both played important roles in society's epidemic prevention and control efforts. The company has also launched its “AI-powered Intelligent Nursing System” developed for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) patients, which brings additional warmth and care to those in need.



The “AI-powered Intelligent Nursing System” developed for ALS patients

Moreover, SenseTime helps nurture and grow AI talents in China and in 2017, started the SenseTime Scholarship. By the end of 2022, the SenseTime Scholarship had, in 6 batches, sponsored 165 students from more than 20 top universities in China. In 2022, SenseTime was approved to serve as a national vocational education teacher enterprise practice base and a national vocational education “double-type” teacher training base and organized more than 30 teacher training activities throughout the year, empowering over 500 teachers.


To support its employees, SenseTime provides talent development as an important part of its fundamental philosophy. The company has built an equitable, diversified and inclusive workplace for employees, and continuously improves the employee training system so that it can grow with its employees.


In 2022, there were 226 new internal online learning courses and over 900 learning topics introduced externally at SenseTime’s digital learning platform. The number of person-times on the platform exceeded 90,000. In addition, SenseTime pays close attention to the career development of women and strives to provide equal opportunities and abundant resources for women's self-actualization in the workplace.


Governance: Upholding integrity, compliance, and ethical AI development

As a leading global AI software company, SenseTime consistently strengthens its corporate governance and ESG governance, continuously improves its anti-fraud system, and promotes social equity with honest and harmonious practices.


SenseTime established and practices a “balanced development” of AI ethics with the aim to build an AI model that is “sustainable, human-centric, and technologically controllable”.


SenseTime has developed and launched a product ethics risk review platform to ensure that its products and solutions are ethical and moral. In addition, the company upholds the highest standards of information security and data privacy. SenseTime is the first AI enterprise that has obtained all of the three certifications - ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certification, ISO 29151 Personal Identity Information Protection Management System Certification, and ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management System Certification. In 2022, the company obtained the BS 10012 Certification for Personal Information Management Systems.


Going forward, SenseTime will continue to forge ahead with sustainable development as it upholds the mission to create a better AI-empowered future through innovation. With AGI at the core of its strategy for advancing technological innovations, SenseTime will continue use its technological innovation to guide economic and social development, and create a better future for mankind together with its customers and partners.

Download the full report: "2022 Sustainability Report"