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SenseTime Attends the China-Germany Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation and Sino-German Entrepreneurs Roundtable in Berlin


June 21, 2023 - On June 20, local time, Chinese Premier Li Qiang met with German Chancellor Scholz in Berlin and jointly attended the 11th China-Germany Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation as well as a roundtable discussion with Chinese and German entrepreneurs.


Dr. Xu Li, Chairman of the Board and CEO of SenseTime, was invited to participate in the main forum and the roundtable, where he exchanged ideas with more than 30 Chinese and German entrepreneurs on multiple topics. The business leaders expressed desires to deepen cooperation in areas including innovation, digital economy and green development to achieve mutual benefit and advancement.


As a leading global AI company, SenseTime has built the proprietary AI infrastructure "SenseCore," which integrates computing power, algorithms, and platforms. The company has also built the "SenseNova" foundation model set and R&D system, which unlocks the ability to perform general AI tasks at low cost and with high efficiency and can be applied to many industries.