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SenseTime Launches AI-Generated Content Advertising Platform SenseNeo


SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced the launch of SenseNeo, an all-in-one AI advertising platform that offers a wide range of services from AI-generated content creation, channel distribution to performance tracking.


SenseNeo is now available in China to help advertisers create short videos with AI-generated content (AIGC), with an aim to maximize the return on investment in advertisements by saving production cost, improving advertising efficiencies and managing placements of advertisements effectively.


The AIGC video production engine available on the SenseNeo enables users to create video ads easily within a short period of time. The features of the engine include scriptwriting, storyboard generation, automatic video background replacement, video rotation, and subtitling. Users can connect their own advertising platform with SenseNeo through a customized application programming interface (API) for easier deployment.


Backed by SenseTime’s video structuralization technology, the AIGC video production engine can auto-generate script and storyboards by analyzing the video content, and then extracting relevant messages from the footages. It can also carry out background segmentation and replacement which helps significantly reduce production time for video editing hence save manpower. Meanwhile, as vertical video is a rapidly-growing trend today, the platform offers a feature to convert horizontal videos to vertical format without compromising the quality. It uses AI algorithms to accurately track and identify the cast or moving objects in the video to make sure they are captured even when in portrait format.


Storyboard generation


Automatic video background replacement – the technology can also perform detection and segmentation of hair for a more natural look


converting horizontal video to vertical format