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SenseTime unveils SenseTime Edu Brand to Promote AI Education and Talent


Shanghai – September 23, 2020 – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company, today unveiled its new education sub-brand, SenseTime Edu, along with a series of AI educational products. This marks a significant milestone in SenseTime’s mission to develop and promote AI education to cultivate future talents. A mission which began with the introduction of its original AI textbook, ‘Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence’, three years ago.


SenseTime believes education is the engine for driving future innovation. To nurture more young talent in AI-related disciplines, SenseTime has established the SenseTime Edu brand to provide students and teachers with advanced, comprehensive, and integrated AI education products. The SenseTime Edu brand features a series of AI educational courses and learning materials including textbooks, online platforms and other learning tools which are available for primary and secondary school students.


 “Education plays an essential role in advancing sustainable development and technological innovation. With our academic roots, SenseTime is determined to promote AI education at all levels as we believe in the universal importance of education,” said Leo Liu, President of Emerging Innovations Group of SenseTime. “We hope that the new SenseTime Edu brand will help equip the young generation with foundational knowledge of AI theories and fundamentals, and ensure they thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.”  


SenseTime Edu also introduced a new platform named SenseInnolab which includes a large number of AI case studies for teachers and students to learn from and find inspiration for future AI innovation.

SenseTime Edu has another existing learning platform called SenseStudy. It is an experimental platform that operates under SenseTime’s proprietary deep learning platform, SenseParrot. It aims to stimulate students’ interests in technology studies and encourage innovation through project-based training courses. The platform also provides open-source educational materials to facilitate teaching. Meanwhile, SenseTime also unveils a fun and entertaining robotic learning tool, SenseStorm which allows students to develop and apply their own AI algorithm. This is to foster students’ imagination and creativity through hands-on experience.

Furthermore, SenseTime Edu has also established a training program to assist teachers in learning basic AI knowledge, including machine learning and neural networks, and guide teachers on how to use the platforms and learning tools for effective teaching.