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SenseTime’s AI “Digital Human” Receptionist Adds Intelligences to Customer Service


Shanghai – January 13, 2021 – SenseTime, the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, recently introduced its Digital Human receptionist technology to the Agricultural Bank of China Zhongshan Branch in Hangzhou to assist duty managers. Powered by SenseTime’s self-developed AI technologies, the Digital Human, a virtual receptionist on screen, can interact with customers, answer enquiries and provide services by mimicking human interactions. It has effectively improved the branch’s service quality and operational efficiency.


 Digital Human.png

Duty managers play an important role in typical bank branches, responsible for handling customer enquiries and providing guidance as customers enter the bank. To streamline the work of duty managers, SenseTime has introduced the tailored-made Digital Human receptionist which can detect, greet and interact with customers automatically, and provide personalized guidance and services. The human-like interactive AI receptionist helps alleviate the duty manager’s workload and creates a brand-new banking experience for customers by helping them explore more service offerings and hence capture more business opportunities.

 Digital Human (2).png


In addition to offline customer engagement, SenseTime has also upgraded the online service platforms of some major state-owned banks and financial institutions. The Digital Human technology also enables online customer service on their mobile apps where the 3D cartoon character guides user journeys, whether it is setting up a bank account or seeking other banking services. When the Digital Human struggles to answer complex questions, a human customer service officer monitoring the process will take over remotely, to ensure the efficiency and performance of online services.


The AI Digital Human integrates SenseTime’s advanced deep learning technologies including AI animated character simulation and natural language processing abilities to achieve human-like interactions with users. Currently, it supports ten voice commands and identifies over ten facial expressions or body language to offer a fun human-machine interactive experience. Furthermore, it can be customized to answer frequently asked questions and handle tasks for different industries and scenarios including cultural tourism, healthcare, retail, enterprises, and gyms.


The AI Digital Human is an innovative AI application that can transform business and people’s daily lives. SenseTime will continue its R&D endeavors and explore more possibilities of AI technologies to improve and empower businesses for a better tomorrow.