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SenseTime Receives CE Mark for its AI Medical Software SenseCare-Chest DR Pro Diagnostic Software


Hong Kong – 8 April, 2021 – SenseTime, a world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced that it has recently been granted CE mark approval for its AI medical software SenseCare-Chest DR Pro. Leveraging SenseTime’s cutting-edge AI technologies, the software can quickly triage normal and abnormal scans from chest X-ray screening and accurately detect various chest diseases on the abnormal ones, effectively improving the efficiency of large-scale physical examination and regular clinical diagnosis.


The CE marks means that the software can be commercialised across the European Union under the European Union Medical Device Regulation (MDR), as well as other markets where it is recognised. The certification of SenseCare-Chest DR Pro marks another milestone for SenseTime in introducing its AI medical software for both computed tomography (CT) and digital radiography (DR) to international markets after its SenseCare-Lung Pro medical software was granted the CE mark last year. It means that SenseTime’s AI medical software can provide comprehensive support with an international standard to medical institutions around the world for chest diseases based on CT and DR imaging modalities.


SenseTime receives CE mark for its SenseCare-Chest DR Pro.jpg

SenseTime receives CE mark for its SenseCare-Chest DR Pro


As a routine part of medical examinations, chest x-rays (CXR) play an essential role in the early detection of chest diseases due to its accessibility and low-dose radiation exposure. However, the large quantity of CXR images generated daily leads to the heavy workload of radiologists who need to manually review and analyse the images. Misdiagnosis may also occur due to the high complexity of the body parts screened in CXR, which may present a risk to the health of patients.


To assist medical professionals conducting CXR, the SenseCare-Chest DR Pro was developed based on SenseTime’s proprietary deep-learning technologies. Through learning and training with mass chest X-ray images, the software can quickly classify normal and abnormal CXR images. Concurrently, it detects and locates lesions or abnormalities for multiple diseases including pneumonia, tuberculosis, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, cardiomegaly and rib fractures. The software also automatically generates precise quantitative analysis and text descriptions. The whole process is completed within seconds, significantly improving the efficiency of doctors’ diagnosis.


A doctor reading CXR scans using SenseCare-Chest DR Pro diagnostic software.jpg

(A doctor reading CXR scans using SenseCare-Chest DR Pro diagnostic software)


“We have been dedicated to developing AI tools for improving diagnosis accuracy and efficiency for years. By obtaining the CE mark for both CT and DR products, we hope to support the work of medical professionals with its comprehensive AI-powered chest diagnostic products in more and more markets globally,” said Dr. Zhang Shaoting, Vice President and Deputy Head of Research at SenseTime.


“Hong Kong’s healthcare system is an essential pillar of society. To overcome the challenges of rising demand of medical services whilst maintaining an efficient and high quality service, technology is playing an increasingly important role in streamlining the medical process from diagnosis, treatment to rehabilitation. The SenseCare DR Pro and SenseCare-Lung Pro are designed to empower medical professionals by reducing their workload on routine aspects of chest disease screening, allowing them to focus on other areas of diagnosis and treatment planning. At SenseTime, we will continue to advance our AI-powered diagnostic platform to alleviate the medical professionals’ workload and ultimately contribute to a robust healthcare system in Hong Kong, “said Mr. Shang Hailong, General Manager of SenseTime Hong Kong.


SenseCare-Chest DR Pro is one of several applications in SenesTime’s SenseCare platform, an AI-powered platform which offers an array of healthcare applications. Currently, the SenseCare platform encompasses up to 13 body parts and organs, covering chest, cardiovascular, liver, pathology, orthopedics and radiotherapy. It can assist doctors throughout the clinical process, from diagnosis and 3D surgery planning to rehabilitation tracking to meet the demands of various departments including radiology, pathology, cardiology, orthopedic, radiotherapy, etc.