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SenseTime and CMHK Sign MOU to Jointly Boost “5G + AI” Applications


Hong Kong - 21 Apr, 2021 – SenseTime Group Ltd (SenseTime), a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company and China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited (CMHK), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Limited with the largest number of mobile network subscribers in the world[1], signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to jointly develop a series of applications that aim to bring to life the strength of “5G + AI”. Under the initiative, CMHK and SenseTime embrace the vision of boosting smart commerce through the “New Infrastructure” development, with an ultimate goal to bring a truly seamless experience to people’s daily lives, create a revolutionary way of human-computer interaction, and develop a brand new model for content creation.


The MOU formalises the mutual collaboration and strengthens the existing relationship between SenseTime and CMHK. As the initial projects under the MOU, CMHK will utilize SenseTime’s proprietary AI technologies to boost its marketing endeavours, which consists of a series of collaborations for CMHK’s physical stores and online platforms. SenseTime’s AI and big data analysis system will also be deployed at some of CMHK’s stores to facilitate operations management. On CMHK’s all-rounded MyLink app, which offers a variety of experiences and benefits to Hong Kong residents, SenseTime will provide augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) applications powered by its SenseMARS AR Platform to enhance the existing Points Program to elevate user experience and customer stickiness. The SenseMARS AR Platform, empowered by spatial positioning technology, brings customers mixed reality experience which fully integrates the real and virtual world.

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The MOU was signed by Mr. Waynffly Zhong (front row, left), Chief Marketing Officer of CMHK, and Mr. Nixon Chau (front row, right), Regional Director of SenseTime Hong Kong, and witnessed by Mr. Sean Lee (back row, left), Director and Chief Executive Officer of CMHK, and Mr. Shang Hailong (back row, right), General Manager of SenseTime Hong Kong.


5G and AI are among the hottest technologies of today and the key foundations of China’s “New Infrastructure” initiative. Empowered by 5G network, the efficiency and capability of AI applications are largely enhanced, allowing more industries to adopt AI in versatile and creative forms, as well as bringing users more interactive, intelligent, enjoyable experiences. On the other hand, AI optimizes edge cloud computing infrastructure, guaranteeing a high performance of 5G network. The intersection of the two has enormous potential to deliver significant improvements across business sectors and broader society.

Mr. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of China Mobile Hong Kong said, "CMHK is committed to the development of 5G network, combining new technology, including AR.  The integration of 5G network and AI, and the application of AR and MR technologies in the CMHK’s diversified services to customers is believed to be a brand new trend in enhancing customer experience. As the market leader, CMHK has incorporated various technologies in our past events.  CMHK will continue to provide our customers with more innovative 5G services, paving the way into a new era of connectivity and smart living”


Mr. Shang Hailong, General Manager of SenseTime Hong Kong, said, “We are excited to partner with CMHK, Hong Kong’s leader in 5G networking to accelerate the integration of 5G and AI. We look forward to co-developing innovative application scenarios with CMHK that bring brand-new user experience, as well as co-exploring the enormous potential of 5G and AI technologies that ultimately benefit people’s lives. At SenseTime, we are continuously working on the R&D and the application of our AI technologies with our partners to restructure the industrial chain, boost the digital transformation and redefine business models.”


Both SenseTime and CMHK have been actively driving the digital transformation across a number of industries across Hong Kong as well as the Greater Bay Area. This MOU reaffirms the continued strengthening of future cooperation between the two parties in achieving the common goal - to bring out the best of 5G and AI technologies for a better tomorrow.

[1] As of 31 December 2019