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SenseTime Unveils AI Education Meta Ecosystem to Promote Collaborative and Personalized Education


July 13, 2021 – Shanghai – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company, unveiled the launch of Meta Elements and Meta Ecosystem under its education sub-brand SenseTime Edu during the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC2021).


SenseTime Edu will harness Meta Elements on its SenseTime Education Platform to further empower teachers, students and partners to deliver personalized AI education, as well as create an open and collaborative AI education Meta Ecosystem.


Grace Gao, General Manager of SenseTime Education, introduced Meta Elements and Meta Ecosystem

Combine Six Meta Elements to Personalize AI Curriculums

With the aim of creating personalized AI education, the brand-new AI education Meta Ecosystem is developed with six Meta Elements on the SenseTime Education Platform. These elements, which include AI Experience, AI Teaching, AI Experiment, AI Innovation, AI Learning Tools, and AI Management, provide the essential education resources to form a systemic and elaborate procedure of AI education.


Lynn Dai, General Manager of SenseTime’s Education Product, launched Meta of AI Education

From fundamental AI learning to advanced AI innovation and applications, the six Meta Elements offer comprehensive and structured AI education resources that enable teachers and students to personalize their AI courses. The modular approach also allows educators to tailor a competency-based learning experience by selecting and combining different Meta Elements.

Lynn Dai, General Manager of SenseTime’s Education Product, said, “Meta Elements are the foundation of the AI education Meta Ecosystem. Teachers can tailor the curriculum according to learning objectives on the SenseTime Education Platform, while students can choose and combine different Meta Elements to enrich their learning experience. By designing Meta Elements, SenseTime Edu aims to upgrade the integrated and comprehensive education platform, demonstrating the boundless opportunities of a flexible and personalized AI education.”


An Open and Collaborative AI Education Meta Ecosystem with SenseTime Education Platform

Through the AI education Meta Ecosystem, SenseTime Edu leaps forward to creating open and collaborative partnerships with teachers, students, and education partners, empowering them to contribute and promote the Meta Ecosystem, where they can engage in processes such as curriculum designs.

Powered by the SenseTime Education Platform, SenseTime Edu has incubated innovative AI education products, including an open hardware platform SenseInnoKit and an AI education robot. SenseInnoKit provides a centralized learning platform to enhance students’ learning experience, while the AI education robot encourages students to explore AI applications that address real-world challenges.


SenseTime’s open hardware platform SenseInnoKit

Grace Gao, General Manager of SenseTime Education added, “A dynamic and rapidly growing industry shall be built upon an open and innovative platform. Through the AI education Meta Ecosystem, SenseTime Edu will continue our cooperation with industry partners, co-creating a collaborative and mutually beneficial AI education ecosystem.”

The AI education Meta Ecosystem further strengthens SenseTime’s “Platform as Ecosystem” strategy. As a pioneer in AI education, SenseTime is committed to preparing the next generation for the era of AI.