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SenseTime Joins Hands with BilibiliWorld to Create a Metaverse with SenseMARS AR Platform


July 23, 2021 - Shanghai - SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company, has set up a mixed reality (MR) virtual experience center at BilibiliWorld 2021, the large-scale offline carnival hosted by the video sharing platform Bilibili, in the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Leveraging SenseTime’s AI+MR technologies powered by the SenseMARS AR platform, players can enjoy an unparalleled experience of immersive role-playing games through 3D interaction with popular VUPs (virtual uploader) in the “metaverse” – a virtual shared space created by SenseTime.


Players enjoyed a virtual experience in the “metaverse” through the SenseMARS AR platform.


Cross-Dimensional Interaction with VUPs in the MR Scenes

The innovative MR scenarios with 3D VUPs can be easily accessed by clicking the BilibiliWorld exhibition guide on the BiliBili mobile app. Players need to place their mobile phones into the MR goggles and wear them properly. The AI+MR "engine" will start immediately and transform the experience center into a MR scene, seamlessly blending the reality with virtuality. Azusa, the popular VirtualReal idol on Bilibili will show up and guide the players into the live room of various popular VUPs. Leveraging SenseTime’s AI+MR technology, these VUPs will be brought to life through vivid 3D images for the first time, with the environment of the live rooms precisely presented in a realistic shape. During the virtual live broadcast, players can interact, communicate, and play games with the VUPs.



Players can determine the storyline of the virtual game with SenseTime’s gaze tracking technology


Explore the Boundless Possibilities of Metaverse


The cutting-edge visual effects and interactions of the MR scenes are exclusively created by SenseTime’s proprietary and pioneering SenseMARS AR platform. SenseTime’s high-precision positioning technology allows accurate and stable superimposition of virtual scenes in the physical environment to create lifelike MR experiences. Meanwhile, SenseTime’s digital twin technology enables seamless connection between the reality and virtuality through smart detection and response to the players’ physical movements, paving the way to a real “metaverse”. The SenseMARS AR platform is compatible with various operation systems including Android, iOS, Web, applets, as well as terminal devices like smartphones, tablets, MR glasses, which realizes cross-platform applications.


The cooperation between SenseTime and BilibiliWorld has brought VUPs to life in a fascinating cross-dimensional space. It is not only an ingenious application of MR technology, but also a successful crossover between technology and ACGN (Animation, Comic, Game, Novel) by offering a novel ACGN experience to the public. With the rise of the “metaverse” concept, SenseTime will fully unleash the potentials and edges of the proprietary AI+MR technology to construct an extensive and diversified holographic digital world, opening infinite opportunities for innovation in offline animation exhibitions and interactive entertainment.