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SenseTime Transforms Guangzhou Yuehui City Shopping Experience with AI + AR Technologies from the SenseMARS Platform


Guangzhou, China – October 12, 2021 – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) software company, has partnered with Yuehui City, the second largest shopping mall in Guangzhou and the largest shopping mall in West Guangzhou, to create an immersive and interactive shopping experience by building an augmented reality (AR) Ice Kingdom in the mall. Through SenseTime's AI + AR technologies powered by its SenseMARS platform, customers can enjoy vivid AR natural wonders and fun games in a convergence of the virtual and physical retail worlds. SenseTime is creating new value and experiences with this “metaverse + retail” vision which will define a new era of smart business and smart life.


SenseTime partnered with Guangzhou Yuehui City to create an immersive and interactive shopping experience through AI + AR technologies powered by SenseMARS platform

AR Ice Kingdom - Blending Reality with Virtuality

Powered by the SenseMARS platform, the AR Ice Kingdom can be easily accessed through the mini-program on Yuehui City’s official WeChat or by scanning the QR code in the poster located at the atrium of the shopping mall. The virtual Ice Kingdom unfolds immediately when customers point their mobile phones around the mall, transforming the immediate environment into different AR scenes, seamlessly blending reality with the virtual world.

Through SenseTime’s AI + AR technology, customers will be able to see a giant ice dragon hovering overhead with falling snow emerging through their mobile phones. At this point, an ice world is vividly presented to them when they enter the West Square. At the west gate of the mall, six AR ice engraving animals will welcome visitors with a crystal whale hovering over them. At this point, AR penguins, igloos and snowmen will also guide customers to the Butterfly Dance Plaza -- a large atrium of 2,000 square meters. Under the 360-degree domed skylight, a magnificent AR ice castle will float into the air, making this the city’s largest ice and snow entertainment experience for parents and children.


Customers can also follow the AR arrows on their mobile phone to the northeast atrium where they can experience the vastness of the universe, including AR planets, spaceships and nebulas. Customers who enter from the south gate can travel across the immersive AR underwater world in which every fish wears a Christmas hat, preparing for the upcoming Christmas festival.


The virtual Ice Kingdom powered by SenseMARS unfolds immediately when customers point their mobile phones around the mall


Interactive AR Games – Reinventing Entertainment during Shopping

In addition to the variety of AR scenes, the SenseMARS platform further enhances the smart retail experience by offering fun and engaging AR games to customers. Along with the Ice Kingdom, Yuehui City also introduced the Red Packet Rain interactive AR game that allows customers to invite their friends to catch AR-induced falling red pockets. Another AR game -- Checkpoint Collection -- will pop up on the mobile screen afterwards and challenge customers locate and collect all the checkpoints in the mall to win a prize.

Moreover, customers can challenge themselves by playing various AR games around the mall, such as throwing AR snowballs into a floating ice ring in the northeast atrium, fishing in the AR underwater world in the southwest atrium, and even playing AR basketball in the dining area. The more challenges customers take, the greater chance of getting discounts.


The SenseMARS platform further enhances the smart retail experience by offering fun and engaging AR games to customers

Explore the New Business Value with SenseMARS Platform 

By partnering with SenseTime, Guangzhou Yuehui City has fully applied cutting-edge AR technology into its 280,000 square meter shopping center across the six floors from B1 to L5. With the aim of unlocking infinite opportunities in a real metaverse, the SenseMARS platform creates exciting new life experiences and seamless integration of the physical and virtual worlds.


The cooperation between SenseTime and Guangzhou Yuehui City is not only a successful exploration of AR’s potential business value, but also a new approach to smart retail and marketing. It has transformed the traditional offline advertisement into a brand new and immersive online interaction powered by AI+AR technologies, which significantly increases customer engagement, boosts foot traffic and enhances customer satisfaction. By offering fun and interactive games such as Red Packet Rain and Checkpoint Collection, the shopping center can motivate customers to further explore more areas as well as guide them with new shopping routes that elevate their shopping experience and improve operational efficiency.