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Ethical and Responsible AI
To promote the healthy development of the new AI generation, SenseTime has established the Committee of AI Ethics and Governance, and published the Code of Ethics for AI Sustainable Development.
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SenseTime has been Included in the "2021 Research Report on the Carbon Neutral Responsibility of Chinese Technology Companies"

On May 17, 2021, EqualOcean Intelligence released the "2021 Research Report on the Carbon Neutral Responsibility of Chinese Technology Companies". This report focused on the positioning, development path and potential of Chinese technology companies with respect to carbon neutrality, and expounded upon their capacity and responsibility to empower society and achieve carbon neutrality. As a representative of emerging technology companies, SenseTime has been included in the report. This, from the perspective of an authoritative third party, has showcased and promoted SenseTime’s active efforts in exploring the sustainable development of AI and advancing carbon neutrality with green AI.

The following are the practices of SenseTime using AI to empower carbon neutrality:

SenseTime: Exploring the Development of Green AI and Advancing the Achievement of Carbon Neutrality

As the world's leading AI platform company, SenseTime is the first National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform in the field of “Intelligent Vision” designated by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. SenseTime has independently researched and developed the world's leading deep learning platform and supercomputer center, launched a series of advanced AI technologies, including image recognition, video analysis, medical image recognition, autonomous driving, and remote sensing. SenseTime has become the leading AI algorithm provider in Asia. Following China's goal of achieving “peak emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”, SenseTime has provided a strong foothold to realize peak emissions and carbon neutralitybased on our proprietary technology foundation.

SenseTime's Energy-saving and Emission-reduction Efforts - Building an Energy-saving and Efficient AIDC, Striving to Become a Computing Powerhouse in the AI Era

SenseTime’s new-generation Artificial Intelligence Data Center (AIDC) is located in the Lingang New Area of Shanghai, and is expected to be put into trial operation at the end of 2021. After its completion, the peak speed of AI computing will reach 3740 Petaflops1, becoming a world-class AI computing platform. During construction, we have had comprehensive consideration of diversified energy-saving optimization measures suitable for East China, assessed its technical advantages and disadvantages, conducted PUE factor calculation and economic analysis, and integrated various technologies. This project is expected to save more than 50 million kWh of power consumption annually.

SenseTime's Energy-saving and Emission-reduction Efforts - The SenseOffice Platform Facilitates Intelligent Operation

SenseTime's SenseOffice Platform has integrated the management of a building's visitors, spaces, access controls, attendance checks, staff and other aspects, as well as various functions including guest greeting, meeting rooms, printing, and locker storage, thus promoting an online and paperless office, and advancing intelligent operation.

SenseTime Empowers the Power Industry - "AI+AR Inspection" to Promote the Digital Transformation of the Energy and Power Industry

The power industry is one of the world's major sources of carbon dioxide emissions. Achieving power emissions reductions and clean production will help promote the development of low-carbon power, low-carbon energy and even low-carbon economy. New energy sources such as wind and solar power are characterized by their random, intermittent, and volatile natures. After large-scale grid connection, the power system has explicitly manifested "double highs" and "double peaks", which pose serious challenges to the safe and stable operation of the power grid and the balance of power and electricity. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system, the operation and maintenance of the converter station are particularly important. SenseTime uses AI+AR technology to assist grid inspections, thereby improving power operation and maintenance efficiency, saving time and labor costs, and effectively ensuring the safety of grid operation after the large-scale grid connection of new energy.

Based on industrial-grade AR technology pilots, SenseMARS provides standardized end-to-end solutions. In the future, it will be applied on a larger scale in converter stations and other industrial scenarios to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy and power industry.

SenseTime Facilitates the Building of Green and Smart City - SenseTime "Smart Remote Sensing" Three-dimensional Environmental Governance System

The vigorous development of a new generation of information technology represented by AI has also provided strong momentum for innovating ecological environment management methods, transforming ecological environment governance methods, and improving environmental management levels.

SenseTime Possesses Unlimited Potential to Empower a Carbon Neutral Society - Empowering All Industries to Build a Green Future with AI Technology

SenseTime will give full play to our technological advantages and make carbon emissions an important factor in decision-making. While realizing our low-carbon growth, SenseTime will promote the realization of low-carbon development in the value chain; at the same time, it will leverage advanced technologies to empower carbon-intensive industries, facilitate the digital transformation of energy and industry, and assume social responsibility for carbon neutrality.

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