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Ethical and Responsible AI
To promote the healthy development of the new AI generation, SenseTime has established the Committee of AI Ethics and Governance, and published the Code of Ethics for AI Sustainable Development.
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Introduction to SenseTime's Committee of AI Ethics and Governance

SenseTime's Committee of AI Ethics and Governance (hereinafter referred to as AI Ethics Committee) was established to support the strategic development of the company in January 2020. The Committee mainly focuses on the high-level integration of the technical and social attributes of artificial intelligence, pays attention to and forecasts various potential social issues in the development of AI technology and products, and prevents and responds to potential ethical risks in the development of the company and the industry.


As the company’s primary organization at the ethical level, the AI Ethics Committee is mainly responsible for AI ethics-related responsibilities, including principle formulation, concept publicity, and promoting the implementation of AI ethics measures, and determining SenseTime’s goals, policies, work guidance and implementation measures concerning AI ethics. It also aims to facilitate the implementation of AI sustainable development strategies through AI ethics-related measures. One of its core tasks is to execute ethical review of all SenseTime product lines, evaluating relevant algorithms, data and social impact.


The AI Ethics Committee is composed of internal and external members, with a Secretariat, an Executive Working Group and an Advisory Committee to support relevant work. The internal members  are senior officials from the company’s ethics and governance-related departments; external members include senior experts in the field of AI ethics and governance, mainly from the academia, technology companies or third-party think tanks, nominated by the company’s Board of Directors or at least two internal committee members. The Ethics Committee Secretariat is the permanent office of the Committee and assists in the daily operation and work of the Committee. The Ethics Committee Executive Working Group is composed of representatives from departments closely related to ethics and governance within the company. The Expert Advisory Working Group is composed of professionals from both inside and outside the company, with comprehensive consideration given to their fields of research, academic reputation, industry development and the company's business needs to ensure its broad industrial representation and social influence.