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SenseTime Joins Fight Against Novel Coronavirus Outbreak


Beijing – February 10, 2020 – SenseTime, a leading global artificial intelligence (AI) company that specializes in computer vision and deep learning, is leveraging its technological expertise to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak. In addition to providing supercomputing resources to the National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen, SenseTime has also rolled out a series of AI-empowered products to help prevent and control the spread of the virus.

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The ‘Smart AI Epidemic Prevention Platform’ developed by SenseTime is a quick and effective system in screening and detecting individuals with fever in a crowd. The AI-powered platform can be deployed at building entrances and public spaces including airports, train and subway stations, as well as office buildings. The platform enables supporting staff to identify individuals with a fever – an indicating symptom of coronavirus infection -- without direct body contact, minimizing the risk of cross-infection.

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SenseTime’s SenseCare Smart Health Platform is already widely adopted by a number of hospitals. Using image processing technology, the platform assists doctors to analyze images of suspected pneumonia cases and assess the level of lung abnormalities, which improves the efficiency of diagnostic procedures. SenseTime is also supporting medical institutions and research labs to develop a treatment for the coronavirus by sharing its knowledge in AI technologies and research experience in pharmacology and gene analysis.

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The life-threatening coronavirus infection has affected thousands of people. And in times of hardship, we would like to pay tribute to frontline medical staff who are working relentlessly to battle against the outbreak. We will explore all and any possible ways for AI to contribute towards fighting the virus, so SenseTime will continually push forward and develop AI technologies in hopes of building a better tomorrow.

In addition to the above, SenseTime offered its SenseStudy AI platform and online distance learning courses to necessary teachers and students for free, so that they can learn about programming and AI theories at home during the suspension of schools. SenseTime also debuted the first batch of 12-hour online courses that teaches some of the fundamental basics of artificial intelligence. The courses also allow teachers, who are keen to become AI instructors, to attend the instructor lessons and take verification tests online.

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