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SenseTime AI Serves International Travelers at the Newly-opened Beijing Daxing International Airport


On September 25, 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX), the world’s largest integrated transportation hub, commenced operation with 58 sets of SenseTime’s Smart Passenger Security Check System. Embedded with SenseTime’s face recognition engine, the system is specialized for passenger identity verification, which automatically conducts super-fast Person-ID-Ticket verification to make sure passengers carry eligible identity documents and flight tickets for departure. It has also been set up at the luggage security check area, which performs a second round of identity check to ensure all passengers have been inspected. It can match passengers with his/her luggage with their face identities to avoid luggage mess-up. The system significantly cuts security check time, bringing passengers a hassle-free travelling experience.

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Developed upon SenseTime’s face recognition technology, the success rate of the system on passenger information identification and verification is more than 99.9% and the accuracy of Person-ID matching reaches 100%. The speed of single-passage passenger inspection has been increased from 180 persons per hour to about 260 persons per hour, and the speed of baggage inspection has reached 792 pieces per hour. The overall efficiency and safety level of security inspection have been greatly improved, which help passengers save a lot of waiting time on inspection.

Apart from Beijing Daxing International Airport and Terminal 2 of Beijing Capital Airport, Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport has also started to deploy SenseTime’s Smart Passenger Security Check System in two inspection channels since May this year (No. 2 and No. 23 security passage of Terminal 2), transforming itself into a smart airport with more advanced technologies. SenseTime’s face recognition engine was also launched in all the station entry and exit gates of the new railway line connecting the Beijing Daxing International Airport and the city centre. Staff can enter and exit stations with their face, which greatly enhances the safety and convenience of the new airport's supporting transportation system.

Last year, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport took the lead in deploying SenseTime’s AI technologies to maximize security and efficiency.