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  • Based in Hong Kong, SenseTime is no longer confined to a strip of land in the city, with seven offices now on the Chinese mainland. “The Chinese mainland and Hong Kong have complementary advantages in IT talent, market and capital liquidity for a startup growth,” Shang Hailong, general manager of SenseTime Hong Kong said.
  • Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai is one of the highest-rated institutions in China with multiple branches. With an AI-powered platform, the very limited number of pathologists at the Luwan branch can now handle simple cases more efficiently.
  • Computer-generated characters used to be the stuff of fiction, populating the world of video games and of films, but no longer. AI giant SenseTime has been working hard to develop digital humans that can carry out various tasks across different milieus in the real world.
  • Under the partnership, G3 Global will leverage the experience and track record gained for upcoming proprietary analytic-based projects. As G3 Global’s principal AI partner, SenseTime’s industry-leading AI platforms will complement the former’s capabilities to provide a comprehensive suite of products for an end-to-end experience.
  • Hong Kong-based AI giant SenseTime delivered a keynote titled “AI for a better tomorrow” at this year’s World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF). George Huang, President of the International Business Group at SenseTime, led the keynote and showcased how the company is applying its AI technology in the areas of mixed reality, mobility, city management, and healthcare.
  • SenseTime digitized these sections and applied image analysis algorithms to aid doctors and pathologists in screening out 80% to 90% of healthy cases that did not require special attention, freeing them up to focus on abnormal or borderline ones.
  • Hong Kong-based AI company SenseTime also announced partnerships with Business China and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to nurture talent in the field through internships and contributions to teaching curriculum.
  • Called SenseAuto, the company’s new intelligent automobile brand consists of SenseAuto Cabin solution, the SenseAuto Pilot smart driving solution and the SenseAuto Connect platform for intelligent sensing.
  • “We are glad that the SenseAuto Cabin solution has achieved great success, which wouldn’t be possible without the solid foundation of our proprietary AI algorithm development,” said Xu Liang, VP of the Smart Cabin Business and Mobile Intelligence Group at SenseTime.