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Authentication Service
Product Description
  • Based on SenseTime's world-leading face recognition technology, SenseID provides comprehensive "Cloud + Client" product, including SDK, cloud access and ID authentication terminals. Through liveness detection, ID card verification, and face verification, SenseID ensures the authenticity of the user’s identity, reducing business risks for financial firms and mobile network operators as well as human resources expenditure.

Product Highlights
  • Supports multi-platforms, such as mobile devices, PCs, embedded devices, and ID authentication terminals

  • SenseID identity authentication terminals feature high performance, low cost, easy deployment & integration and high expansion flexibility

  • Provides user-friendly online interface, and easy access in offline scenarios

  • Features industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, ensuring highly accuracy in recognizing text and numbers

  • Supports liveness detection, effective against spoofing attacks done by static images, digital projections and masks etc

  • Reduces risks from human errors as the accuracy of face recognition has surpassed that of human eyes

Usage Scenarios
Online service platforms of mobile network operators