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SensePass All-in-one Machine
Product Description

SensePass leverages the latest deep learning algorithm and dual IR camera liveness detection technology to perform liveness detection and identity verification. The product is applicable to locations like door access and gateway. It works well under complicated scenarios such as strong backlight, long distance and low light environments, and it also supports accurate attendance check and guest greeting functions.

Product Highlights
  • Modern design
    Full metallic body, thin and light design
  • Automatic exposure adjustment
    Well-adapted to various lighting conditions including strong light, weak light and backlight
  • Multiple verification methods
    Support multiple combinations of verification
  • Guest greeting
    Impress privileged guests in a unique manner
  • Easy to use
    Plug and play, Power over Ethernet (POE)
  • Multi-tasking
    Support concurrent verification up to 3 persons, enhancing efficiency
Usage Scenarios
  • 01
  • 02
Transport terminals, civilian airports, tourist spots
Office buildings, residential communities, companies
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